Loving the Present Moment

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I have two radically-different sides of myself.

One side lives always looking to the next moment for pleasure and excitement. It never sinks into the experience itself but always looks for what’s next.

First I’ll walk around the park; then I’ll go shopping; then I’ll research; then I’ll write an article. I feel happy at the thought of some tasks and satisfied at the thought of others.

But life is always lived for the excitement of the next time and the next and the next. Nothing is deeply experienced in the here and now.

I remind myself of the two people in a restaurant both looking at their cellphones. Never this; always something else.

The other side of myself loves the present moment. Tired of looking to the next experience and the next and the next, I opted instead to fall in love with this moment, this present moment.

And I found the present moment to be a portal opening into the timeless now.

Transformation came with my getting in touch with the present moment and I accomplished getting in touch with it by loving it – by drawing up love from my heart and sending it to whatever the” present moment” signifies.

Immediately I felt deeply touched and moved, I know not why.

It isn’t true for me to say that transformational love only lives in the present moment. Love is everything so love is never absent or not dead in anything.

But the love that flows in the higher dimensions turns out to be of a quality unimaginably more satisfying, decisive, and transformative than anything we may have previously known.

It lives but is muted when we’re “in our heads,” operating strictly on an intellectual level. It lives and is enjoyable in our experience when we live from the experiential level, in the here and now. When realized, however, we enter a portal to another space of consciousness and are introduced to love in an entirely-new way.  It “comes alive” in the timeless now. It’s as if a bubble were burst and we find ourselves beside a mountain lake.

In the face of how pleasantly affected I am, I vowed to spend more time in the present moment.

I love it. Bliss arises when I express my love for the present moment and, behind it, the timeless stillness.


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