Two Words for It: Just Stop!

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia


I went through an amazing process this morning. And I went through it sitting at my computer, in the midst of writing something else.

I switched over and began recording my thoughts after each had happened. The results were quite remarkable for me.

I’m in the course of writing an article and I got up off my chair to get something.

As I did so I felt random fear. In the background of my consciousness but always there.

Big Steve slid into the driver’s seat and said to Little Steve, in the most affectionate tones: “Don’t be afraid, Steve.”

Little Steve is my Wounded Child and Big Steve is my Adult, my Higher Self. Neither is my everyday consciousness (1) but either can take control of it and be in the driver’s seat for a time.

You’re watching my Adult mend the wounds of my Wounded Child. Only “I” can do this and this is it happening: Reparenting in progress. Neurosurgery.

I (Little Steve, Wounded Child) was so glad to be reassured by someone.  I found myself relaxing from an undetected but constant background state of fear that I’ve been living in since forever. Peace returned. Or, more precisely: I returned to peace.

Almost immediately, I had a second thought:  I can no longer afford a hateful thought.  Where it came from I don’t know. But perhaps a hateful thought is what brings conflict, after which I live in fear. Perhaps they’re all connected. That would make sense to me.

And the answer to having a hateful thought was, once it was noticed, just stop. Again where this answer came from I know not.

Just stop.

That’s the solution to all our negative thoughts and actions, is it not?

Have we as a society lost our self-control mechanism? Our suppression button altogether? Have the many massacres engineered by the dark side to discourage us caused us to give up hope?

Supposing you have that thought. Then, just stop. Let it go. Experience any feelings that come up, which is the equivalent of saying “listen” to them, and let them go as well. And drop any ideas of hateful action. (2)

The default you fall back into ends up in original innocence so you’ve nothing to fear from letting negative thoughts go.

Hard-core reparenting. Emotional boot camp for myself, intransigent kamikaze that I’ve been.

I paused and looked back on what had just happened. I noticed how contrived it all was.

I was the one creating the hate and fear – Little Steve, my Wounded Child – and I was the only one capable of taking it away – Big Steve, my Adult, my Higher Self.

Am I not the sorcerer’s apprentice? Can anyone trust me with the creative wand after all the hate and fear I’ve created for myself? Maybe not.

Has not the entire population of this planet become a collective sorcerer’s apprentice in a way?

Let’s look at one collective item only: Take the islands of plastic garbage floating on the high seas, washing up on islands like the Cocos, and being found in the Challenger Deep (is nowhere too deep?)? Are we all not implicated?

Have we not run amok in many fields as a human race – pharmaceuticals, drugs, GMOs, pesticides, toxic vaccines, chemtrails, deforestation, weather warfare, etc.?

And the answer for all of it is? In my view? Just stop.


(1) I know. I know. That IS the Self.

(2) The Buddha: Do only wholesome actions; refrain from unwholesome actions; and purify the mind.


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