It Turns Out The Demon in Your Life is YOU!

By Michele Zina,

Most people let their inner critic playout unchecked or un-analyzed like a demon that they wish wasn’t there. With the Law of Attraction, brutal self-critics see reflected back to them more reasons to under- cut themselves. People and circumstances then fuel the same harsh thoughts and criticism since they represent your Mirror. We live in a world that fixates on exteriors or appearances while all but ignoring who we are inside.

There is a saying “Show me who your friends are and I’ll show you who you are” talking about the importance of who you surround yourself with when relating to the influence your friends have on you. Taking it one step further, look at what or who is influencing you. People don’t often notice that they are influencing themselves often very forcefully with negative self-talk.

I hear disparaging words of criticism coming from people’s mouths about THEMSELVES. These same people would never speak that way about loved ones or friends. They don’t realize that they are cutting themselves down!

What we are inside is our true worth or value. The outside representation of this is visible in our life and actions. When we repeatedly cut ourselves down, then we are not fully THERE for OURSELVES. Who will be there for you when even YOU aren’t there for you?

Can we forge a habit of kind inner dialogue about ourselves? Self-respect, self-love, self-acceptance? We would live a very different life if we did as the Law of Attraction would match us to more kindness, more self-respect, more self-love and self-acceptance.

I am not suggesting that we tell ourselves that we Love ourselves when we may not. We can focus instead on our HEARTS. This is who we really are as a person.

Society is obsessed with how we look even though who we are as a person is much more important. The saying “Follow Your Heart” is right on! If you cultivate a habit of thinking of yourself from your Heart, you would not get so hung up on the superficial importance of exteriors which often make us feel unhappy. Stop undercutting yourselves!

Negative self-talk is very draining and unhealthy and some people do it all the time!

Be willing to be there for yourselves! Who else can you count on to be the best friend you always wanted? Who else can Love you the way you deserve to be loved!

Today can be beautiful while leading from the heart!

Michele Zina

About the author: Michele pens pages and pages of notes on a weekly basis while relaxing for bed. This is one of her messages.

Image: Adobe

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    The mind A.I. was placed for control reason and is part of a 3D consciousness. The only way to shut it down is coherence of both hemispheres, what is above 3D and turns the voice offline.


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