How Psychedelics Can Awaken You to Your Highest Potential and Leadership


By Juliet Tang, Wake Up World

If you plan on being anything less than what you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy for all the days of your life.” – Abraham Maslow

When I came across psychedelics years ago, my life changed forever.

I was already a coach and mentor by then, empowering people to create the highest possibilities in their personal and professional lives aligned with their spiritual growth and purpose.

But overnight, it was as if all separation between myself, and everything and everyone dissolved.

The world opened up.

The universe shrank into a spark, and entered my heart.

In fact, it became one with my heartbeat.

I knew right away I’ve come upon something incredibly powerful, but I had no idea how much my destiny would become intertwined with these teachers, collaborators, and friends overtime.

My Journey

In the beginning, I was mostly exploring revolutionary ways to work with psychedelics including microdosing, to help me self-empower and self-actualize.

Within my first few experiences, I began receiving clear instructions, “training,” and messages as to how I could use my existing knowledge and experience to help others practically integrate, implement, and embody the wisdom and lessons they received on a higher level by creating a step-by-step system consisting of multidisciplinary approaches.

The more I allowed for these rather unconventional teachers to guide me, the more I became aware such peak experiences can not only help us explore our limitless potential, but also evoke a higher desire within all of us – the desire to lead our planet in a new direction, raise global consciousness, and transform the current institutions and systems that have been built on the energies of lack, fear and competition.

When we fully step into our power, awaken both the divine feminine and masculine creative energies within (my free meditation here is designed to help you with this), and unleash our soul missions – we are entering into sacred service.

Sacred service to humanity. Sacred service to our earth. And sacred service to each other.

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