Global UBI Answer to Social Impoverishment by Automation

Really? Credit: Ruby Shore Software

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I’d like to address the issue of automation while articles on it are still fresh in memory.

The issue of the impoverishment of society through automation isn’t new.

Back in 1990, when I woke up to it, (1) almost no one wanted to hear about the subject. Most people loved playing Tetris and were enamored of  their computers.

Just as we are with our cellphones today.

In 1998, when I wrote an article on the subject, (2) it was like talking to an empty room.

Criticizing the computer was at least gauche, at most hopelessly Luddite. (3)

Here we were eliminating jobs, careers, professions, dropping pensions, cutting out benefits, causing people to work more than one job, turning permanent jobs into contract employment, busting unions, eliminating management – in every way impoverishing the worker worldwide while a very few people pocketed the benefits.  What was wrong with this picture?

Why were we as a society tolerating our collective impoverishment by the inroads of automation?

Because we liked what we could do with our new “personal computers” or PCs. Much as we today like what we can do with our phones.

My wife’s career as a travel agent went up in smoke and seems slated to go up in smoke a second time as a hospital unit coordinator. The computer is snapping at her heels.

What answers can we arrive at that would be Fifth Dimensional? What would a Fifth-Dimensional answer even look like?

Well, it would have to be universal to pass muster in the Fifth Dimension. There’s no such thing as some people benefitting in 5D and others not. There we have a power of creating through thought, which we don’t have here.

In the Fifth, the world works for everyone. It just naturally does when you’re drenched in love and bliss.

Therefore, if our answers to a situation like the impoverishment of society are to be Fifth-Dimensional, they must be universal and they must be of love.

I want to cast my vote today for an answer that is universal and loving. That holistic answer is a universal basic income (UBI) for every resident of Planet Earth. Let’s look at how it fits with Fifth Dimensionality.

First of all, creating an unequal structure in the distribution of wealth on the planet would not pass muster in the higher dimensions. A UBI creates an equal basic structure. People can go above it if they like.

Secondly, in 5D, everyone would have the ability to see to their own needs. A universal basic income comes closest to freeing us up as much as we can free ourselves up short of creating by thought or replicator.

Thirdly, it’ll end world poverty. If it proves only a step, we’ll come up with another win/win solution until we do.

We could pay for such a venture with the funds sequestered under Executive Order blocking the property of serious human rights abusers, issued Dec. 21, 2017. (4) There are other ways we could pay for it as well – the money is there but awaits release.

If we want a world that works for everyone, where no one is poor, we have to build it plank by plank in the world of our everyday consciousness. In the Fifth Dimension, it’s a given, but we’re not in 5D yet.

I see a universal basic income as an essential plank, addressing the impoverishment of society through automation and returning the benefits of automation to the people.

The measure is, in my eyes, essential for this world, not just to recover from its past injuries, but to allow us to go forward together.


(1) “The Impact of Automation on Work” at

(2) I wrestled with what to do in a society that was closed to considering the matter of social impoverishment by automation. I wrote dictionaries of automation and books I never published.

Finally I wrote a single article on the subject,  “If This is Your Job, Watch Out! (1998),”

At that moment I joined the Immigration and Refugee Board and could no longer write public articles or be involved in public debate. I was sequestered from public contact for eight years.

When I left the Board in late 2006 and looked around at what was happening in the world during the eight years I’d been in an ivory tower, I discovered that 9/11 was an inside job. That was a huge trigger and I immediately began writing with a vengeance.  (Mostly on Op-Ed News, bulletin boards, discussion groups.)

One revelation followed another – the omnicidal threat of depleted uranium (which the galactics have removed), chemtrails, pandemics, vaccines. I was again collecting data, making dictionaries.

And then on Aug. 29, 2008, I heard from Len Satov about Ascension.

(3) Opponents of industrialization; machine-wreckers.

(4) “Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption,” Dec. 21, 2017, at


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