The Mass Awakening in Israel – Part 2/2

Israeli protest


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Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia

Social Activism & the Shift in Awareness of the Unawakened throughout the Years

Here’s an example how we’re our own saviors when we’re moved to act.

I’m donating to various causes like fighting corruption and the mandatory biometric database in Israel via crowd-funding.

I also personally went from one neighbor to another to explain why we all need to resist the installation of smart meters and had them sign a petition.

Overall, I’ve gotten a positive response. My brilliant friend, Nir, constantly speaks about these topics with his “unawakened” family members and colleagues at work. He was ridiculed at first, but then colleagues began to realize that he was right and silently began to support him and his family members, asking for more “signs” of what he was talking about.

His acquaintances now alert him and others when they see chemtrails or other suspicious activity. Shabtay Avigal, and activist and the founder of Za’akat Hashkama told me how his wife, who was totally pro-vaccines, started questioning them and was amazed that she talked with the doctor at the pediatrician’s clinic about them.

Yes, tiny steps, but consciousness is contagious, and every right act is multiplied exponentially.

In Israel, half a world away, there were posts on the topic of DAPL [Dakota Access Pipeline] shared with many comments supporting this Native American cause.

I also remember how I felt—together with other Israeli activists—about the daily protests in France against the outrageous indefinite state of emergency in that country and the serious censorship of information, as reported in The Guardian before the Yellow Vest Protest started in Autumn of 2018.

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