We Are the Ignition for the New

Symbol of forgiveness, rebirth, creation


Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia

When we hold intent to be our sacred purpose, what are we doing?

With intent, I see my self as a giant tree, with branches and roots that go deep into the heart of Gaia.

My “branches of intent” are in alignment with my trunk of sacred purpose.

As I hold my sacred purpose strong in my trunk, up can come old ways of being that are not in alignment

Mastery of observation, forgiveness,

and gratitude for all the lessons is expansion.

Being able to observe without judgement, forgive everything, while in gratitude, expands our vibration and increases our frequency to match that of the higher realms.

Disarray, depression, disappointment — even a relapse in the case of an addict — can be pathways to the heart, to greater heart consciousness.

When we can see/observe the old feelings, the situations, and perceive them as gifts, we are letting go of all judgement of self, others, and situations, and coming to a place of balance.

As we do this, we ignite our selves and others,

catapulting us into new realms.

We are the ignition

for the New.

On Nova Earth there is kindness and tenderness.

“God is not punishing” because we have relinquished the belief systems that perpetrate the bigotry, hatred, judgment, limitation, separation anxiety, control, guilt, the behaviours that keep us in “jail.”

Knowing how things work in the higher realms we are not re-enacting the old beliefs that interact with our core issue, “I’m a disappointment,” of sorrow, shame, anger, fear, over and over.

Observation with heart discernment,

compassion with ability to forgive,

and in gratitude for everything,

we come to balance within,

and we ignite everyOne.


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