Your Soul Has Been Preparing For This Moment

By Rosie Nea,

Everyone is always asking me what is my purpose. I can’t seem to tap into where I should be.

Why am I here???

You came here to bring in the highest of vibrational frequency to this world. You fell asleep and forgotten what and who you are. You carry the highest frequency and it is your job to break apart every mold and label that society has indoctrinated in you since you left the womb.

To step beyond all false evidence appearing real (((fear))) and it’s your job to live from your truest authentic self. You are returning all that is truth to this planet and you no longer must hide.

You carry the frequency and all that are like you will be drawn to you and will become united again. That is why you incarnated at this leading cutting edge in time.

It is no accident you are here.

Your soul has been preparing for this moment in time for a eternity.

~Rosie Neal

Image: Shutterstock

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