Love, Balance, and Core Issues

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

If something really is a core issue, chances are it goes very deep.

It becomes the filter through which we see things. If we were traumatized as a child, we may be highly or deeply reactive, guarded, even confrontive. If sexually mistreated, we’ll have another set of filters. Same for war trauma, frightening near-death experiences, etc.

When push comes to shove, we usually respond from behind any filters we may have. We see life as showing up the way our filters say it will, not knowing that by looking through those glasses we’re limited to seeing only what they allow through.

We’re addicted to our coping mechanisms and protective strategies. And they bring pain. This for me is the sense in which we’re “addicted to pain.”

Our core issue says what we do, how we do it, when we do it, etc. It selects our mate, our vacation spot, our car, our house.

And, finally, when we’re aware of it, we begin to claw our way out from under it. But the road seems endless.

What’s the easy way out? This is not a hard question. But the answer is something that most people seem almost to disregard, pooh-pooh, or be complacent with.

Love is the way out. Fifth-to-Seventh-Dimensional, real, true, sacred love will sweep away all our concerns. It’ll leave us in total satisfaction, a blessed state, a state without further wants or needs.

Some people might argue that balance is the final destination. I don’t agree. I think the achievement of balance is an intermediate step.

Balance is like a car. It has utility, value. Nevertheless, I don’t take my car (presuming I had one) to the restaurant or the movies. I don’t bunk down with it.

It has its place.

Balance is good for what it allows. Bringing the senses in from the extremes of lust and greed, say, quiets them and allows the deeper consciousness to operate and be heard.

That deeper consciousness becomes aware, not so much of balance, but of what appears in the space that balance creates – namely, love and joy, bliss and peace.

Balance is valuable for creating the space in which love can arise and be felt.

Actually it isn’t the case that love arises. It’s the case that our consciousness clarifies and refines to the point where it can detect the love that was always already there, waiting for us to show up.


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