Shifting the Unknown

By Suzanne Maresca, Golden Age of Gaia

It may not feel very wonderful to be ‘in the dark’ as far as what exactly is ahead for each of us. We’ve all experienced fear of the unknown, but perhaps a wee bit of a shift in perception might serve to alleviate any anxiety we might have about the future.

The world seems to be in a chaotic swirl of both disintegration and creation, which for the most part, we accept as a necessary part of our evolution.

Who doesn’t love a good mystery, though? It makes the creative juices flow to contemplate the who, what, where, when, and why of a thing.

Humans seem to have an innate need to understand the world around us. We’re always striving to explain things, even things that defy explanation. We love to figure out how to solve problems, and it’s when we’re faced with those that our natural love of knowing stuff serves us well. We go searching for answers, maybe how to do a thing, how other people deal with what we’re facing…maybe even enter a question we have for God into a browser search bar.

You never know what you’re going to find when poking around for answers…internal and otherwise.

Posing the right question can generate a surprisingly accurate answer, as well. One might even consider it to be an artistic endeavor to craft a question in such a way as to eliminate undesirable elements from the process, and get directly to the root of the issue.

Rather than ask, “What’s next on my path?” perhaps inquire about what powers might be in place that could potentially impact your forward-inspired motion. And the questions we have don’t always need to be addressed in a reading of some sort, although those can be very helpful. Working with a channel can also serve as welcome confirmation of our own guidance.

Information is Light; Light is Information…and it’s available to all of us. It helps to devote oneself to a daily, dedicated practice of stillness and meditation if the wish is to establish and nurture a direct line to the intelligence of the Oneness. Call it Sacred Play if it helps to lighten up the process and mitigate any thoughts of ‘making it up’ or ‘doing it wrong.’ Why not explore and experiment with our emerging powers? Always, of course, in the name of the Light and in the highest good of all concerned.

I love that there will always be mystery. It’s proof that life after 3D (or what we’ve always known as life), where we all have what we need and we understand our connection to one another and to All That Is, is proof that life in the higher dimensions couldn’t possibly be boring. There will always be mystery!

Once this ship arrives safely in port, though, I must say ~ a deeply relaxing holiday will be in order. Perhaps a hammock on the beach somewhere…


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