Openhearted Rebellion Needs Your Help

By Wes Annac, Openhearted Rebellion

It’s that time again.

The great thing about working on the internet is that it allows me to be at home with my family while making content I hope you will enjoy. Throughout the 8+ years I’ve been doing this, the thought of being with my family and connecting with so many openminded and openhearted readers has kept me going.

Obviously, none of this has been easy. Working, maintaining this lifestyle, and figuring out how to pay bills every month is incredibly stressful and disheartening. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

Sometimes it feels like society punishes those who dare to do what inspires them for a living. You can try to follow your passion, but don’t expect it to be easy.

After so many years writing and blogging in this wonderful community, I’ll admit I expected things to be a little easier by now. Sadly, this is not the case. We continue to need support, and so I begrudgingly continue to ask.

Around five months ago, I was forced to write a post stating that the blog was circling the drain and we needed help from readers to keep going. A couple months later, in November/December of last year, I posted an urgent request for donations to a New Roof Fund because my home’s roof desperately needed replaced.

In between those two requests, I had a massive anxiety attack which was the culmination of every problem, financial and otherwise, piling up and overwhelming me.

Every time, our readers came through and helped us. There have also been other less urgent times we needed you and you were there. In all honesty, I can’t reasonably expect you to do any more for us than you already have.

However, this doesn’t change the fact that I am once again at risk of losing the ability to write for Openhearted Rebellion for a living; much less put work into a podcast, a new blog I’m working on, or other side projects.

You might be wondering: if the blog has received so much support in the past, then why are we still struggling to keep it afloat? Put simply: the financial help we’ve received in our times of need, as amazing and unexpected as it was, has always been on a one-time basis.

I try to keep quiet about our financial needs until I have no choice but to make a post explaining that we’re in trouble. So far, every time, we’ve received the help we needed after I wrote such a post. I can’t express enough how much that means to me, and I’ve said this to the donors themselves.

But then, once the crisis passes, we are back to the regular monthly income we receive from the blog. In case you’re wondering, this income is generated from ad revenue and subscriptions to the Weekly Awareness Guide, which is a document I write that’s comprised of 2-3 extra articles you won’t find on the blog.

I offer the guide as a way for readers to support Openhearted Rebellion if they enjoy our content. We haven’t made an actual profit from ad revenue in months, so the guide has been our only source of income.

We do have a base of dedicated subscribers, but income from the guide has recently become too scarce to really be feasible. Bills are going unpaid and maintaining a dependable vehicle has long been a fool’s dream for us. Having to walk everywhere in the middle of a rough winter is no fun.

Obviously, none of this is your problem.

It all stems from my choice year after year to risk comfort and financial security so I can write and be with my family. I’d like to think, however, that after all these years I’ve amassed a big enough base of readers who love the blog and want to see us thrive even if it means I ask for help a lot.

So far, you’ve proven me right every time I’ve been forced to ask. None of the times I’ve asked did I expect the amount of love and support you all gave us, and yet, there you were. This is precisely why I hate asking; you’ve helped so much already and by now I feel like I shouldn’t have to burden you.

Sadly, I’ve been hit with the reality that if I want to stand any chance of continuing this blog, I need a solid enough monthly income to pay bills and start a nest egg. Call it growing up, but the need for money is standing in the way of doing what I love.

My only options are to give up or make one last desperate request with little expectation for it to bear fruit given how much you’ve already helped. And so, here we are.

If you can give to ensure this blog has a future, anything will help. If not, or if you’re tired of seeing these requests, then believe me, I understand. I’m tired of writing them.

For those who can help, I want to do something different. We will gladly accept any one-time donation you can give (more info below), but this time, we’re aiming for regular monthly contributions so we can maintain a reliable income.

If this method works but we’re still in need, I may write posts like this on a monthly basis from now on.

Beyond subscribing to the Weekly Awareness Guide, which always helps, there are two ways you can support us monthly: through PayPal or Patreon.

Donation or Monthly Contribution via PayPal

If you’d like to make a one-time donation via PayPal, please send it to If you have a PayPal account but wish to donate from a credit or debit card, I believe you can do so.

Below, you’ll find a few PayPal “subscribe” buttons with different options. Be aware that subscribing means your contribution will be recurring until you cancel it. The same is true with Patreon. This is what we’re aiming for: a steady monthly income that keeps the lights on.

$5 monthly subscription
$8 monthly subscription
$11.11 monthly subscription

Monthly Contribution via Patreon – Includes Rewards

Supporting us through Patreon comes with rewards depending on which tier you subscribe to. Check out our Patreon page:

Becoming a Tier 1 subscriber, or a “Love Truther” ($5 a month), will give you a discount for a subscription to the Weekly Awareness Guide, exclusive personal updates, and early access to some of my articles, videos, and podcasts before they debut on any other platform.

Becoming a Tier 2 subscriber, or a “Love Rebel” ($11.11 a month), will give you a full subscription to the Weekly Awareness Guide, exclusive updates, and early access to ALL of my articles, videos, and podcasts before they come out.

Important: If you plan to subscribe to the Weekly Awareness Guide through PayPal, I’d recommend subscribing to this tier on Patreon instead. For the same price, you’ll get the guide along with these rewards.

Becoming a Tier 3 subscriber, or a “Love Revolutionary” ($20 a month) will give you all the aforementioned goodies plus a behind-the-scenes look at how I make my content and your name featured at the end of all my articles, videos, podcasts, and any other content I make.

The idea behind this is that I give back something extra in exchange for your monthly contributions.

Not to sound dramatic, but the blog doesn’t stand much of a chance with the income it currently generates. We’ve needed our readers time and time again, and each time, you’ve come through. I understand if we’ve overstayed our welcome or you just don’t have anything to give.

It doesn’t take away from everything you’ve done for us.

For your compassion and generosity alone, I’ll never forget this community even if I am forced to call it quits. Whether or not you can help us now, you guys and gals are amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring.

Much love,

Wes Annac & Family


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