Consciousness in Exile: A Shamanic Perspective

By Sergey Baranov, Wake Up World

Consciousness in Exile: We Need It Back! – A Shamanic Perspective

Humanity has reached a point in history where major decisions have to be made. As we approach an existential crisis as a species, we must rethink and re-evaluate our way of life, and the outcome of this deeply introspective process will determine our future. Just as every individual goes through personal crises during the growth process, we are collectively at such a crisis point now. Adolescent, irresponsible and silly, we seem to think we understand the world and know better than those who came before us, but we have no apparent guardian to rely upon. The teenager can rely on his parents to guide him on his path. We are told that we have such guidance by religious leaders, gurus, babas, self-proclaimed prophets and the luminaries of science but, from personal experience and a lifelong spiritual search, I came to the conclusion that nobody really knows and none of these self-declared mentors possess a cure for personal and collective madness. Their methods, therapies and ideas are only mildly effective in helping with minor issues.

This is what psychology is all about. When it comes to serious problems such as the need for purpose and meaning — why to live or not to live, and if yes then how? — mainstream psychology, religion and spirituality can only hook you up to their life-support machines via soothing words or poorly understood pharmaceuticals. You will live, with the aid of these brittle crutches, but your life will have little color. This is, in fact, the message I seek to deliver:  not the message from Orion , the Pleiades, Alpha Centauri or Andromeda — these ‘’messages’’ I’ll leave to the professional ‘’messengers’’ — but the message I hear in my heart, the simple, clear voice reaching to us from mother Earth. This intuitive, yet rational, pure communication would most likely fit psychiatry’s description of schizophrenia, but I assure you that it would not be difficult for me to face anyone from the field and convince them otherwise.

There is nothing crazy about loving and communing with the heart, blood and lungs of the planet. That which makes the planet alive is currently sick, perhaps even dying. There is nothing insane about feeling a bond with nature and finding healing peace in it. There is nothing strange about enjoying the sound of birds, the rivers, the feel of sunshine and warm wind. There is nothing weird about feeling a spiritual bond with animals and plants we share this planet with. And there is nothing wrong about seeking physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing by using sacred plants. Unfortunately, these great teachers are seized and suppressed by those who do not have our best interests at heart. These are the people who have assumed divine right to command others. Of course, their sense of superiority is utterly false and the product of a continuum of illusions: digits on the screen, media attention, fancy banquets and red carpets. But these only signify material wealth which translates into social control.  If, however, such “masters” were to appear in front of a jury, perhaps most of them would be found in contempt of the court. Thus, judging by a moral standard, those who thought to be inferior are actually superior and vice versa.

None of my friends would support a bill to send people to kill other people and get killed themselves. None of my friends would support a corporate fascism gone rampant, destroying our environment and the lives of our children to make more money. None of my friends would bail out banks while letting working families go have their lives ruined via material want. None of my friends would support a life style which helps some to die from obesity while others starve to death. None of my friends would criminalize safe and effective medicines while making experimental and dangerous drugs legal.

But none of my friends are bankers, corporate heads and politicians. Thus, like me, they must obey and live under the iron fist of unjust law.

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