We Are the Holy Grail: What Does Compassion Do?


Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia

Compassion is non-judgement and especially when we understand and see 
the reflections, the outer life situations of our life choices.

Self-compassion is kindness to self, value of self, and self-worth.

My inner value, my self-worth creates my outer situations just as the Universal Law of Balance states: as within so without.


How do I treat my self?

How have I learned to treat my self within?

Have I been unkind, talked badly about my self to my self?

Now that I see with clarity how lack of self-worth within can be reflected in my without, I see how important it is to treat my self — talk to my self kindly — be forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude to my self all the time.


Family structures are morphing, changing, breaking down, reconfiguring.

What our societies value can be out of balance.

Extreme addiction is prevalent.

We are in the midst of great change, within and without.

Our ability to witness, to observe our self and others, 
to forgive everything and to be non-judgemental, detached from our core issues and the entrenched belief systems is compassion.

Clarity and discernment of individual and family repeated behaviour patterns not of love with ability to hold the highest vision of forgiveness and gratitude for our entire journey is compassion.

To be that non-judgemental, kind ‘still photographer’ within and without – the observer – detached yet in joy with the courage to be gratitude for everything is compassion.

Compassion is self-worth and self-Love,

— value of self —

Divine Alignment,

balance within/without.


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