We Are the Holy Grail: What is ‘Sin’?

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia


As one who’s never studied the Bible or gone to church, I’m curious about the word, ‘sin.’

With that said, I’ve come to see that the guilt I feel for the unexpressed or expressed hatred for my own physical mother or the feminine, and physical father or the masculine, can be ‘sin.’

Mostly all of us experience trauma due to our physical mother, feminine energy and/or our father, masculine energy.

When we forgive this trauma we’re forgiving ourselves for expressing and/or not expressing our sorrow, shame, anger, and fear and the hatred, limitation, anxiety, control, and guilt. . .

There are the old feelings and then there is the guilt we feel — ‘sin’ — for feeling this way.

Experiencing and expressing sorrow, shame, anger, and fear, allowing tears to flow with understanding of the hatred, limitation, anxiety, control, and guilt. . . ‘the guilt of sin’. . . and then forgiving ourselves for feeling this way, we heal.

I forgive myself for not experiencing 
and expressing myself as Divine.

Love, trust, and forgiveness is
expressing and experiencing 
the self
as Divine, feeling Divine,
feeling connected
within and without.


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