A Quicker Road Out of Misery

Credit: Psych Central Blogs

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I’m struck by the dramatic shift in my behavior from when my financial situation looked hopeless to when I came up with a plan.

No, no, I should have said “I’m struck by the dramatic shift in my feelings.” It’s the way I feel that usually determines my behavior.

If I feel badly enough, I self-harm. If I feel joyful enough, I forget about my troubles.

So to return: I’m struck by the dramatic shift in my feelings from when things looked hopeless to when I arrived at a workable plan. Like day and night.

And a shift in the way I feel is usually my ultimate although unspoken goal – even though I’m seldom consciously aware of it being so.

All of this (feeling —-> action) goes on below conscious awareness, in the background of unconsciousness, so to speak. But I consider it the most important process in our lives.

Behavioral scientists say that life is all about getting pleasure and avoiding pain. That’s not all that far off.

Life is about being in the divine states – love, bliss, joy, peace – and avoiding the denser emotions and vibrations – anger, jealousy, hatred, spite, etc.

I keep looking to my thoughts as the way out. I certainly wouldn’t deny the power of thought. But in this vibration we’re in now, I see the role of feelings – the experiential side rather than the intellectual – as much greater.

If I didn’t hold this view, I’d attribute the change in me around my financial situation to the thoughts I had.

The thoughts played an important role. The truth and a plan were what set me free.  But the desired outcome is a shift in my emotional state. (1)

I need to cut to the chase and do whatever is necessary to shift my feeling state.  In this case it was telling the truth and having a plan.

It doesn’t work to simply tell a person to “Level up,” “Cheer up,” or “Raise your vibes.” This can be seen as a manipulation and control. And it may well be. (2)

But to draw love up from my heart or to process a perceived obstacle to love, that works. To forgive, have compassion for, and be grateful – as Kathleen recommends – works.

I need to become ever more consciously aware of my feelings and do what I need to do to free them. That’s a quicker road out of misery, at this dimension, than working with my thoughts was.


(1) I wonder if what I say here will seem basic to a woman?

(2) By the same token, different people will put what I say here to different uses. If a person sees themselves as a victim, they may say “you made me angry.” If they feel a need to be in control, they may say “Lighten up,” etc.  The point of view that feelings motivate behavior is neutral and can be put to any use, constructive or otherwise.


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