The Shamanic Healing Diet

By Nick Polizzi, Wake Up World

In the Amazon rainforest, there exists a shamanic healing diet that is often prescribed to people who are sick. It is believed by many native healers that the delicate compounds in each of the herbs that are being prescribed to a patient, including the Banisteriopsis caapi vine (one of the ingredients in ayahuasca), can be easily diluted and destroyed if the patient eats too heavy a diet.

That said, this sacred meal plan is often an absolute must.

This diet, or “dieta,” is also practiced by shamans and apprentices themselves to connect more deeply with specific medicinal plants (more specifically their energy or spirit). They consider a plant’s spirit — the vibrational frequency of primordial intelligence that each leafy forest dweller possesses — to be its most valuable asset.

This energia is often very subtle and usually goes undetected by the casual observer. So in order to tune into these faint signals, one must keep their body pure and free of any substances that could numb or distract the senses. This is where the dieta comes in …

So how exactly does it work?

The jungle dieta is very basic, as it’s intended for sustenance, not pleasure. (After all, pleasure is a means of distraction.)

Unlike the detox diets that are popular in the modern world, which often consist of green smoothies, lemon cayenne shots, or saltwater liver flushes, the foods in this regimen are bland and relatively devoid of any palate-satisfying sensations.

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