The Creator Writings: Trust Yourself!

via Jennifer Farley, The Creator Writings

Thanks to Galactic Free Press

Dear one, there has been much wringing of hands, anxious thoughts and a bit of trepidation at what The Universe will present next. Some will wait with bated breath for the next hint, sign or signal to move forward.

The searching and gleaning of information in every little thing written or spoken, looking for something, anything, that will give you permission to make the next step. The one thing you seem to have forgotten, darling child, is that you have been receiving the necessary and needed information the whole time! (Smiling)

The issue lies not in what you receive but, how you have gotten so used to trusting others words more than your own. The time for second-guessing is over! It is time to begin trusting yourself as much as The Universe trusts you! ~ Creator


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