The Metaphysics of Monotheism and Money

By Ethan Indigo SmithWake Up World

Undoubtedly, an important remedy for our world today is for people to start thinking on different lines than the status quo and the majority; different lines than the embedded thinking that has brought both our society and the ecosystems we depend on to the brink of collapse.

Our challenge is that most people see matters in terms of their own perspective or even selfish benefit, even though the terms they think are to their benefit are also to their detriment — such as the example of commercial globalization, which provides people with cheap convenient access to resources and products but to the detriment of personal self-sufficiency, local economies and our environment, which are ultimately of detriment to people and their quality of life.

So why don’t more of us look beyond the perspective of the self and the status quo of the majority?

In today’s world, we are bombarded by polarized, dualistic thinking — the constant opposition of competing ideas, right/wrong, good/evil, left/right, thesis/antithesis — thinking that leads to separation not integration, contention not unity. We are immersed in mediation, steeped in opinions, steered by cultural and religious traditions – and governmental persuasions posing as such traditions, as well as an assortment of advertisements, distractions and institutional influences both overt and covert. We are so deeply inundated by such we all most frequently are prevented from observing reality unobscured by the obscurations of the status quo, of which we are mostly unaware.

People are deflected by their own opinions blocking their view — mostly, opinions that are inherited from traditional thinking or modern institutional influences like media, government and business. Their diverse near-drowning overtones all contain the commonality of steering individuals toward the opposite direction of self-development, toward institutional dependence by some mode or another. The government prefers you disempowered and obedient, corporations prefer you needing and wanting, and the media prefers you confused and convincible.

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