Want to Be More Creative? Science Says You Should Go for a Walk

By Christina Sarich, The Mind Unleashed

In 1889 the philosopher and writer Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, “All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.”

He wasn’t alone in his sentiment. Inventors, artists, writers, and even Silicon Valley tech Gods like Steve Jobs have all credited walking with giving them a creative edge, or helping them to solve “unsolvable” problems. Even Einstein credits a good walk in nature with giving him new ideas and insights. A new study from Stanford says that there is a scientific basis for conjuring more creativity just by going for a walk.

Walking has also been done by human beings for millions of years. Creative ideation – the process of making seemingly unrelated bits of information floating in your brain come together in a cohesive, but novel and helpful way is essentially accessed when we enter certain brainwave states. These states happen more easily when we are:

  • in nature
  • walking idly with no particular place to go

Our brains are an electromagnetic organ. When our neurons fire in certain patterns, they literally create waves that move across the brain just like a wave moves in the ocean. Certain states, like beta, cause us to be more analytical and critical, which is great if you want to calculate a row of numbers or avoid crossing the street as the same time a double decker bus is passing by.

Beta is not so great for creativity. The brainwave state that promotes creative thought is usually Alpha with spikes of Theta and Delta.

Read the rest here: https://themindunleashed.com/2018/12/be-more-creative-go-for-walk.html

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