Expanding Awareness in a Gradual Ascension – Part 2/3

awareness-33By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

(Continued from Part 1, yesterday.)

One place we go off the rails is that we argue about such things as: Are we talking about “the self” or “the Self”? “The self is selfish and hence bad and the Self is selfless and hence good. We want to leave the one behind and embrace the other.” The argument is needless.

The self is a Third-Dimensional construct in consciousness devised to guide the being through that layer of density.  It was useful in its place.

It yields to the Self of higher dimensions, which again is useful in its place. Both yield when the Father is made One again and our very Self is shown to be merely another construction in the Consciousness that the Father is.

One thing is left out of both constructions in  consciousness is something that is not a construction, perhaps the only thing that isn’t.

It’s the “I” of the observer/participant, the one I’ve agreed to remain aware of.

The “I” is always around. It observes the self and the Self and survives the No-Self merger with God. But it survives as God – or at least as an individual by choice that knows that it is God.

Both the self and Self must be known and then gone beyond.

When we see through all versions of the Self and beyond, we see ever more refined versions of our created being.

I once saw a version of me that appeared in the form of a knight in shining armor, seated on a horse with a silver lance. It was said to be my “Higher Self.”

There are numerous other “me’s” or “selves” – and “Selves” – in this and, I’m sure, in other universes, But there is and always will be only one “I.”

This “I” of Self-Knowledge is the frontier I’m exploring.  I’m led to believe that we’ll know this “I” in Sahaja to a degree that completes our Ascension process. (Still, there will always be more to go.)


My working hypothesis is that we come upon the Self after a process of cleansing ourselves through becoming aware of the ways of the self.

I call it “clearing vasanas (major upsets).” Linda speaks of removing “core issues.”  Kathleen calls it “forgiving everyone and everything.”   We’re all of us discussing a side of the overall operation of purification.

Classical enlightenment studies call this phases we’re in a purification phase, leading up to Ascension.

Christians might see this as purgation. Hindus as fulfilling one’s duties and leading a moral life. Buddhists as fulfilling one’s dharma and observing shila or morality.

It’s an early phase of the journey which will culminate in Sahaja Samadhi and Ascension. The next waystop is what Hindus call spiritual awakening, Buddhists stream-entering, and I will call fourth-chakra enlightenment. It can take the form of a heart opening or the sight of a Light or the Vision of one’s ideal form of God.

Usually – and this is key – one proceeds by going farther and farther into the experience and realization of whatever one experienced  – the Self, a Light, the Heart of hearts, Love, the Beloved, whatever it was.

As soon as the planet has a heart opening and the love flows freely, life will pick up amazingly. And that will only be the equivalent of a fourth-chakra awakening.  At some point we’ll experience Brahmajnana, which is a seventh-chakra awakening and life will be fantastic. And even that is not Ascension.

(Continued tomorrow in Part 3.)


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