The I of Awareness

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Several hypotheses and postulates are becoming clearer to me:

(1) Thoughts cause feelings.

(2) Feelings are the prime motivator of human behavior.

(2) Each of us has freewill, which the higher dimensionals respect.

(3) Each of us is 100% responsible for our actions.

(4) That means …

Well, that’s what I wanted to look into today. What are the implications of being 100% responsible for my actions?

It suggests that I need to play a more active role in choosing the mood I want to be in.

I’m not sure if I’m the last person on Earth who knows this or whether what I’m saying is unabashedly new. But I’ve stumbled on the fact that the “I of awareness” plays no role in my everyday life.

My everyday life goes on without any encouragement from me, any guidance, any love. I am not playing an active supporting role in my own life.

And I want to change that. I want to play an important, supporting role in my own life from now on. I want to encourage myself. I want to be my own cheerleader. I want to reparent myself, encourage myself, acknowledge my progress and look at my detours.  I want to play an active role in my own life.

That part of me that feels this way I’m going to call, after Len Satov, the Watcher, the “I/eye of awareness.” It’s the one who always remains as the “I,” no matter what happens outside.

It wants to come out of the shadows and participate.

It’s no accident that this resolve arises a day after writing:

“I’m not a house divided against itself any longer. Given that till age 58 I was, (1) all discoveries in this area are like recovered ground on the road to wholeness.” (1)


(1) “It’s I that Needs to be Universal, Not Love,”


One comment

  1. Reblogged this on Awaken Lifeform and commented:
    Deep insight into the mind machine that guide humans with tons of thought and creates emotions in the belly to beef it’s thoughts up. This mind machine little buddha called ‘architect’ is bandwidth limited, can only deal with polarities from linear thinking. The being is under it’s spell and controlled in behaviour over the day. So the job is to get your life back from lip service to the mind machine.


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