We Did It!! New Roof Fundraiser

Update: We have raised what we needed and the job is done! We now have a new roof – see update #4. Thank you so much to everyone who donated here on GoFundMe and on PayPal! I will post one final update with photos of our new roof soon. Thank you all again and much love! 🙂 

Go Fund Me link: https://www.gofundme.com/help-wes-amp-his-family-get-a-new-roof

For anyone who can help – our roof is badly damaged and in need of replacement. It is sagging in some areas, and in some rooms of the house, the ceiling has visible water damage.

One roofing company estimated that it will cost at least $5,000 to fix, but it could cost more if the roofers discover more damage.

Here are some pictures of the damaged, sagging areas of the roof as well as two photo of water damage in the ceiling in two of our rooms.





We currently have no money for repairs, and so I’ve set up a Go Fund Me page with a goal of $6,000. Whether we can pay for a new roof will determine whether I can continue writing and running the blog full-time.

We need to raise the money for this ASAP, as the damage is getting worse. We hope to replace the roof this winter.

If you enjoy my writings and want to help ensure I can continue to write, please donate to the emergency fund we are raising via Go Fund Me. You can also donate via PayPal (my PayPal email is wesremal@yahoo.com).

This is our last chance to raise money for the new roof we desperately need, and we will greatly appreciate anything you can give.

We would also appreciate if you can share our Go Fund Me page on your social media. The more people who share it, the more who will see it and the more who can potentially help.

Thank you all, and much love.

Wes Annac & family 🙂




  1. Dude, from a fellow father and provider and spiritual seeker, writer and blogger, I am going to ‘Bro’ you right now with some bro love and support, but let me not pull any punches and talk to you like a 5D spiritual man. 🙂 Bro: you are ALWAYS in charge. Everything you are experiencing is an effect of something you have created in order to experience whatever it is you are experiencing right now in this timeline.

    That said, there is NOTHING wrong with having a day job if circumstances warrant and that serves you. By the same token there is also nothing wrong with selling the house! You weren’t born with it 😉 Sounds very much to me like the universe is giving you all kinds of signs and you’re missing each and every one of them 🙂

    What is the source of that anxiety?!! Dig what lesson do you need to be taught by having your house literally coming down all around you?!!! It’s priceless the abundance of lessons you are getting right now, I love it! OWN these experiences, you caused them, now you must uncover WHY you did so.

    Ground, brother and come back to CENTER. You make the choice of the reality you manifest in each and every *present* moment.

    You literally have an infinity of options at your feet right now, I can see it all from my outside perspective. Step into a timeline that serves you, and take care of yourself first and your beautiful family, and then worry about us once you have grounded.

    If you need to switch to a timeline that includes a day job it likely means you are needed in that capacity somewhere.

    I wish you to find the source of your true strength, you have limitless power but you’re not realizing it 🙂

    Side note, change the subscription to $1.11 or $2.22 /mo and target an audience of a million users.


  2. I totally agree with arborea.m. Except that the number for finances/wealth is #8. So you would ask for $8.88, then use the law of attraction (State what you want, Give Gratitude, Expect it to happen, and ALLOW it to happen. Typically, materalism takes about 3 days to manifest. The Universe gives you what you FOCUS on with EMOTION. The Universe can’t tell the difference between positive and negative so always focus on what you want. That said it, it seems you’ve let the problem go on too long. There is definitely wood rot under there. Better find a lot more money. Good luck to you and your family.


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