Balance: Get It or Spend Ten Years Studying It

balance-11-300x200By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I know this is going to sound a bit strange, but this is the reality of the way I see things at this moment.

What is “this moment”? It’s a moment influenced by knowing that I am pure and innocent at my core, that people are not going to dig down and encounter more and more dirt the deeper they go, as the notion of original sin suggests. Oh, what a relief that is. A cosmic let-go.

It’s also a moment defined by the knowledge of what love really is. Remember the moment when you opened the door and a surprise party came to life around you? Remember how startled you were?

That’s as startled as you’ll be when you suddenly realize love – and that comes for most of us at the moment of a peak experience, when we experience ourselves as love. So these two factors influence my seeing.

The way I see things is this: Either (1) I learn to remain balanced and then remain balanced from here on in or (2) I spend the next ten years studying the Universal Laws, all of which are aimed at the achievement of balance.

I don’t have ten years. I need to get it now. If “balance” is what the Universal Laws are all about, then why not cut to the chase?

What is balance?

Balance, for me, is defined as the place at which an object is at rest. It’s a place at which the (inside and outside) forces acting on that object are at least neutralized by each other and at best non-existent. Consequently the object, from a physical viewpoint, is completely at rest.

From a human angle, it’s the place at which all our bodies are at rest – mental, emotional, aspects (past lives), etc. When we’re balanced, all is at rest.

What pulls us away from our point of rest? A thought may press itself upon us. It may declare its urgency and provoke us to action. A feeling may be sufficiently unpleasant that we get up off the sofa and do something about it.

In my view, those are the two prime motivators of our behavior.

It’s possible to act while at rest. That’s a seventh-dimensional state and I experienced it at a meditation retreat once. (1) Again the experience was truncated: there was no bliss.

I simply sat there and knew there was a beehive of activity happening around me because of what I was telepathically conveying. But to an outside observer I would not be seen to move a muscle. I was moving without moving, acting without acting, speaking without speaking, just as Lao Tzu describes. (2)

This experience proved to me that one can act and remain at rest, in the balance point, the center, the heart.

The challenge before me is to remain balanced without the benefit of years of study and meditation, because it’s needed now, to successfully complete my mission of service to the Divine Mother.


(1) See “Move without Moving: Be the Stillpoint Flowing,” at

It’s unthinkable that bliss was not there, the subject was so sacred. And I have experienced bliss before over a three-month period (2015-6). Later I was told that the experience was indeed truncated. I can visit, Michael said, but not stay. As a pillar, I stay till the end.

The Divine Mother, in a personal reading through Linda Dillon on Oct. 26, said that my Xenia experience was also truncated. If they’d allowed it to go full measure – to see “a Light brighter than a billion Suns,” in her words – I would not have wanted to write for the blog.

And so I suggest it may be for many lightworkers so don’t under-rate your experience.  Yes, you may have had Brahmajnana. Yes, you may have had experiences of higher dimensions. But the experiences may very well have been moderated or truncated – toned down – to keep you around. And that may fool you that they were insignificant. They’re very significant for what they teach, for what we discover in this constant learning process called life.

See “AAM on Truncated Experiences,” at

2) “The Wise Man
Knows without going,
Sees without seeing,
Does without doing.”
(Lao Tzu, The Way of Life. The Tao Te Ching. trans. R.B. Blakney. New York, etc.: Avon, 1975, 100.)

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