Masters Over Ourselves

meditation-300x200By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

The awareness path isn’t simply about what we can become aware of.

It’s also about doing something with what we find.

For example, as you know, I’ve become aware of the fact that, for me, how I feel is the strongest motivator of action. I may be defending the Constitution of my country, but it’ll be how I feel about what has occurred that determines whether I (1) act, (2) speak out, or (3) simply talk to myself about it and let the matter go.

We say that a person is “aroused.” That’s their feeling. And on the basis of it, let’s say they act. Or “disturbed” and on the basis of it they write. Or “amazed” and on the basis of it, they make a note to themselves and do nothing else.

I now have insight into what motivates me to act as a result of being self-aware. But that’s not the end of things.

What I become aware of, I also orient towards and fix, if broken. Or recognize and validate if working. In other words, I take charge of myself and take matters in hand.

Let’s take an example here too. Just as Churchill was subject to his “black dog” of depression, I’m also subject to a feeling of disappointment with myself, shading into dismay, most days upon awakening.

I’ve spoken about it before. I know it traces back to my Dad’s blaming behavior. In the face of it, I awaken feeling bad. “Oh, am I still here?” I say to myself.

But now that I see that feelings motivate us, if this is an unwanted feeling, I don’t want to act on it. I want to emerge from it without having done yet another thing in my world that might pile on more disappointment with myself.

I know it’s an automatic reflex, based on nothing real and nothing that I need to be disappointed or dismayed about.

In response to it now, I take charge of my feeling state, insofar as I’m able. I’ve been working on increasing the number of strategies I have to speed an unwanted feeling through.

I play inspiring music. I know that helps lift my spirits.

I draw love up from my heart. That usually works in an instant to transform my mood.

I think of the beloved and that also gets the love machine working. Love sweeps disappointment away.

I invoke Sanat Kumara and the Universal Law of Elimination to take this feeling away, root and branch, and send it back to Source for me. That works as well.

If all of these fail, I can experience the feeling through to completion. But time is going to be a rarer and rarer commodity in the future. There may be times when I cannot experience things through.

I keep looking for more tools to use to speed an unwanted feeling through my system.

I can’t block the feeling or resist it in any way. But I can offer myself transformative alternatives.

The Arcturians said we’d need to be masters of every thought and feeling. I’m wanting to be proactive in discovering how to manage myself – the only thing I really have dominion over – so as to be master of every thought and feeling.

These are historic times and, if we want to play our historic roles, I’m becoming more and more convinced, we’ll need to be masters over ourselves.


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