Struggling with Addiction? CBD Oil May Help You Get on Road to Recovery

By Joy Smith, Conscious Life News

Addiction is a cruel state of being. We know our poison of choice could well be killing us, and yet we feel helpless in the face of it. It’s an abusive relationship that we can’t get out of.

Addiction doesn’t harm just the body, it also scars the mind and the soul. Apart from severely limiting individual potential, it destroys relationships and careers.

It is distressingly common in the U.S. As per one survey, drug overdoses kill an average of 44,000 people each year. And as per another, 90% of those who need rehab treatment do not receive it, despite the presence of rehab centers all over the country.

In vast number of cases, it’s also not easy to determine whether a deaddiction program has been effective. The success rate of Alcoholics Anonymous is difficult to measure, with estimates varying widely from 5% to 75%. Relapses are very common, and with every setback, the world of the addict crashes all over again.

It’s obvious then that to treat this complex condition, addicts need all the help they can get. Fortunately, we have some good news on this front. To add to the existing repertoire of addiction-fighting treatments, is the newest wonder drug (or rather oil) on the block. And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get either.

Treating addiction with CBD oil

CBD (Cannabidiol) oil has recently sprung up in health-related news all over the country due to being credited with an impressive number of benefits it brings upon regular use. CBD is one of the many compounds found in the cannabis plant. Along with CBD, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is another compound found in this plant, and the main reason why marijuana use causes a high. Marijuana contains both THC and CBD. But CBD is not psychoactive. Not only does it not alter the mind when used, it comes with a long list of beneficial properties and is capable of treating a wide array of problems.

CBD has been studied for therapeutic uses for many years now, and it seems to have finally caught the public imagination.

There is an increasing body of research that suggests CBD oil may help with recovery from alcohol and drug addiction as well. A study conducted in 2013 found that treatment with CBD helped smokers reduce their cigarette consumption by up to 40%. It’s especially noteworthy that the treatment that was able to achieve these results lasted for only a week!

Evidence indicates CBD helps prevent relapses

Those battling severe addiction often make progress, only to relapse into old ways in a matter of months.

CBD has been found to prevent the occurrence of relapses among drug addicts. A study published in 2015 found encouraging results regarding the use of CBD in cases of opioid relapse and encouraged further investigation into the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol. A recent study found that treatment with CBD for as little as one week can prevent a relapse for as long as 5 months (albeit this particular research was conducted on mice, not humans). Further research into the matter is ongoing.

CBD also targets anxiety and insomnia

The use of CBD on a regular basis in the form of a treatment strikes at the root of that which fuels addictive behavior.

CBD helps treat not just addiction but also anxiety, which shares a strong relationship with addiction; often one fuels the other. CBD helps treat general anxiety, social anxiety, PTSD, as well as insomnia resulting from anxiety. A calmer mind and a good night’s sleep can be great allies in overcoming addiction and preventing its recurrence.

Where to begin & How to consume CBD oil

CBD oil is any oil that contains CBD in varying concentrations. Due to its meteoric rise in popularity, we have several brands in the market that supply CBD oil and ship all over the U.S. But because this is still a largely unregulated industry (if indeed it can be called that) not all products are created equal. It’s therefore imperative to seek out the highest quality CBD oil, bioavailable and full spectrum, preferably organically grown. As with any herbal treatment, its efficacy will depend directly on the quality of herbs used.

CBD oil can be consumed in the form of a tincture, where you take a few drops at a time with the help of a dropper. Alternatively, softgel capsules may be more convenient for some. To further boost your deaddiction efforts, you may also want to look at CBD supplements targeting anxiety, or those containing melatonin for a better night’s sleep.

It’s worth bringing to notice the holistic benefits of CBD oil, backed by scientific research, to anyone you know is struggling with substance dependence. This is a relatively cheap way of getting out of the addiction hell. CBD oil is not known to cause any long-term side-effects. It’s also not habit-forming. And it has been found to deliver remarkable results in short periods of time. CBD oil may just be what an addict needs to get his or her life back.

Author’s bio:

Joy Smith is an activist, grandmother of six and founder of Joy OrganicsBased in Fort Collins, CO, Joy Organics is a family owned and operated CBD oil company that was founded to help improve people’s health and quality of life by creating the most pure, organic and bioavailable full-spectrum cannabinoid products on the market at an affordable price.


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