Emerging from Painful Feelings

loneliness-22By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Thoughts call up feelings, but feelings motivate us to act.

If feelings are the strongest motivator, then it stands to reason that I’d want to look at how they work.

I’d want to know what I’m doing to have myself feel bad, painful, uncomfortable, dismayed, etc.

I’d want to know what I might do to eliminate feeling bad and reveal the innocent and happy Self that lies underneath the unwanted feelings.

Let me take an example. Right now I’m feeling lonely. All my friends are away for the weekend.

Loneliness is a good one to look at because we universally dislike it. We can probably agree that loneliness is a universally-unwanted condition.

Loneliness is heavy. Under its influence, things come to a standstill. I sit and mope.

I decided to emerge from my loneliness. Virginia Satir once said that if we want success in our therapeutic interventions we needed at least three approaches to any one problem.  (1) Here are my three approaches to the elimination of loneliness.

The first is to invoke the Universal Law of Elimination and Sanat Kumara to take the feeling away. If that worked, it’d be the fastest and easiest.

The second is to process it using the upset clearing process. (2) If invoking the law does not work, processing will and it’s always very educational.

The third is to dissolve it with love drawn from my heart, a method I know will succeed.

I do invoke the Universal Law of Elimination and Sanat Kumara to take the feeling of loneliness away from me, in all its forms and at all times, and to return the energy to Source for reuse in another form.

And it does work. Loneliness is gone. I’m surprised. I don’t know if this kind of success was always available or only recently, given the increased energy of the Tsunami of Love.

Truthfully I was looking forward to processing it, but the efficiency that invoking the law promises is welcome.

Now I bring up love from my heart, like the divine caretaker who sweeps away any residue.

I’ll have to repeat the experiment to verify the outcome, but, if invoking universal law allows us to emerge from painful feelings and other unwanted conditions, that would greatly speed things up for us all.

I’ll have saved a great deal of time and suffering, although the journey through experiencing our core issues is highly instructive and will be missed.

The quick release of loneliness in this way also adds weight to the argument that the Old Third has vanished and exists only in our subjective reality – that is, in our minds.


(1) If we have only one, we might reach a place where it did not work. If we had two, the mind tends to favor one against the other, which means we still, practically, have only one. But if we have three, the mind can no longer easily dispose of matters by making one right and the other wrong.

(2) “How to Handle Unwanted Feelings: The Upset Clearing Process” April 25, 2011, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/spiritual-essays/on-processing-vasanas/how-to-handle-unwanted-feelings-the-upset-clearing-process/


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