Light – Part 3/3

jesus-postingBy Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

(Concluded from Part 2, yesterday.)

Finding light within does not necessarily mean you then have a peachy, cushy, challenge free life. Look at the lives of Saints. Or the lives of masters. Dear Lord.

But finding Light within is a big help. I wouldn’t know where else to look for the highest expression, or highest action. When faced with a bad relationship, or cruel relative, or job you don’t like, or illness, trauma, confusion, tragedy—when anything overwhelming comes up, turning within and asking for Divine direction is, for me, essential. After I’ve exhausted my outer search for wisdom and advice, I need to go within and figure out what feels right to me.

During the last seconds of his life, Mahatma Gandhi fell to the ground forgiving his assassin and calling God’s name. Gandhi either said “Rama,” or “He Ram” which translates to “Oh God.” (There’s a debate going on now as to what Gandhi actually said, but I believe Paramahansa Yogananda.)

Yogananda said, “Gandhi’s entire life was lived for those last few seconds,” dying with God’s name on his lips.

Gandhi cultivated God his entire life. And at the moment of his death, indeed, on his last breath, God was on his lips and in his mind, heart and soul.

I can claim a miniscule, marginally-similar experience to the Mahatma’s, in that, in the face of darkness, God and Light were instantly on my lips and in my heart. I am utterly confident now, of my anchorage in the Light. I do not claim that I have yet realized myself as Light, or else I’d be a master, but at least I know the goal. A girl can dream.

So here’s my story: About a year ago, I awoke in the middle of the night and saw a dark, cloaked figure standing right beside my bed looking down on me. I peered up into the hooded face but couldn’t see one.

However, I instantly declared: “You don’t scare me! I love light! I love love! I am Light! I call in Archangel Michael, Gabrielle and Emmanuel to come here and blaze their Light! Michael’s sword is over your head! I love kindness. I love peace! I love goodness! I love happiness! Jesus, Babaji and Yogananda are standing beside me. Archangel Gaia is here with all her might protecting me! Divine Mother of All There Is plunges me, my puppy, my room, my house, my town, my country, my planet, my Universe in blazing light light light!!! ” etc.

I kept on ranting about Light and Love and watched, mesmerized, as this black robed figure whooshed out the window. Ha! If anything, I felt indignant.

If that had happened to me years earlier, I’d have been terrified. Menacing cloaked beings are not my idea of entertainment. I don’t watch scary movies, they frighten me. So this is not a dream I’d conjure for myself. I was told later, by some Healers, that this was a 4th Dimensional being, that clearly had to get the heck away from me.

I follow, as best I can, the footsteps of Yogananda, who once said, “Fear is afraid of me!” And I must tell you, that is exactly how I felt in that moment facing my worst nightmare. I wasn’t afraid, I felt strong and certain that Light was my protection and shield. And it was.

As is always the case with supernatural experiences, the reader is free to believe or not believe, as you wish.

Here’s what I know: If we go within and re-connect with our Divine Spark, with our Multi-Dimensional Light Self, with our Highest Self that is One with All There Is, then its game over for darkness of any kind to mess with us. I speak to that individually and collectively.

Light, if cultivated and reclaimed, is the most powerful force in all Creation.

However, I also subscribe to “Fake it till you make it.” You don’t necessarily have to know yourself as Divine Light. You can be a kind, thoughtful and loving person anyway, and most are on this planet. I am certain that kindness is the fundamental quality of Humanity, but since we’ve been horribly messed with, mind-controlled, our Divine DNA sliced and diced, and God knows what else, then reclaiming our wholeness in order to hold the Light has become imperative for Ascension into the Fifth Dimension or higher.

We are each powerful beyond measure. By thinking the highest. Acting the highest. Blessing. Affirming. Praying. Meditating. Not engaging in the drama, trauma and deception of the 3D matrix. By helping where we can and whenever we can—we are Holding the Light. By sending loving thoughts to Gaia, to her Kingdoms, and to Humanity, we are bringing into manifestation the Golden Age of Gaia.

For me, holding the Light begins with Self.

“Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

~ Matthew 22:39.

If I could reduce the Bible to one phrase, that would be it. Jesus’ great suggestion, and according to him, the second greatest “commandment.” The first being, Love the Lord thy God with all thy Heart, Soul and Mind.

What is the common word in both Jesus’ suggestions? Love.

What is Love? Light.


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