Just to Listen….

giacomond-213x300By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Whatever the resolution of the current confrontation between those who wish power over others and those who wish to free the world from their control, I’m observing tremendous emotion, tremendous heat.

I don’t even want to go into what those issues are for fear of generating more heat.

But there’s a paradox here. The very build-up of energy and venting – while difficult to handle and endure – is creating the needed momentum for a casting off of chains.

It’s in the heat of this uprising for freedom that unified action – solidarity – may be achieved. It’s also in that heat that relationships are torn asunder. Permanent damage can be done. People can resolve not to speak to each other again.

And all the time resolution might have been there if only the heat was not. But the forging of the movement requires the heat and so we go around an endless circle … until freedom is won … and we count the cost.

The issues and the heat they generate are insoluble approached from the level we’re coming at them from (division, taking sides, us-against-them), which is the same level upon which they were created. At the same time the issues and heat seem to be needed to bring about a successful transition in the face of recalcitrance. (1)

Far be it from me to impede it. Nonetheless I feel mortified, like a paramedic on a battlefield who’s watching shells falling right and left, and wondering how all the wounded will be seen to.

All our models from the past have been violent overthrows. The past won’t help us this time, if at all.

We all agree that equality, respect, and redress are needed now. It’s all a question of what residue we create in accomplishing these goals. (2)

What role can I play so as to help achieve the overall result of freedom and equality while reducing the overall potential for damage and residue? And emerge from the insolubility of the paradox?

The answer for me is just to listen.  In my opinion, that’s the very best role I can play at a time of creative chaos like this. Not to fan the heat but not to impede it or try to contain it either.

Loving, yes, definitely, always. But listening – being heard – is what people seem to be crying out for now.

Listening helps build a bridge among opposing viewpoints.  It lowers the temperature.

The longer the listening, the better. In this case it’d be listening not in an entirely neutral way, but with compassion. I’d like to call it “committed listening.” (3) Stay to listen until we hear the whole story.

In my view, listening is an accepted lightworker role and service. It’s highly-undervalued and very much needed. I choose listening at this stage of events.

Moreover, I consider it the role that would best help bring the lightworker community through the potentially-divisive time of rising up for freedom ahead of us, with our relationships and psyches intact.

I’ve posted extensively on listening. You can find the sources here: http://goldenageofgaia.com/spiritual-essays/#29.

Whatever way we choose to address the role of the lightworker in a time of creative chaos, it needs to contribute to preserving our unity, our relationships, and our sanity.

The ideal that I’ll be aiming for is “unity in diversity.” Human unity amid individual diversity. With equality and respect.

Your articles will be invited as soon as we’re set up. (4) It’ll then be our turn to listen.


(1) When I freed myself from my dissociation at age 58, with the help of my brother, Paul, I had to reach a white heat before I fused back together again. But an individual process like this can easily be done harmlessly; a social process, not as easily.

(2) The changes being demanded are in the Mother’s Plan and implicit in the rise to a higher dimensionality we call “Ascension.”

(3) In soliciting your articles, GAoG is listening.

(4) The series or department will be called “Being Heard.”


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