We are the Bridge

bridgevia Golden Age of Gaia

Our friend Jenny wrote in with a message that we felt would be relevant for our readers, so we share it in part here. 

As has been happening with so many of us, her life has been full of unexpected and uncomfortable change.  The juiciest realizations are the ones we have in the aftermath of such events…that there was Divine Purpose to the unfolding because it resulted in our personal expansion.  Read on…

By Jenny Dixon, October 3, 2018

After experiencing waves of rage at the injustice and unfairness we’ve lived through followed by gentle lapping currents of peace and serenity, I wonder why we seem to be confronted by people and issues that are diametrically opposite to us and our beliefs.

Why do we seem to have the antithesis of who we are staring us in the face?

I sat with this last week. It can’t be coincidence. So why is it happening?

The message I heard so clearly is that we are the bridge. A bridge between the spiritual and physical. If we can find a way to relate to those who are polar opposites, then we’re helping the collective consciousness to move toward world peace one step at a time. If we can find some common ground, a place where we aren’t judging or casting our memories into the baggage of old stories.

If we can stand fully in the present, see others in this moment and relate from there, we’re moving towards equality and peace. No need to embrace, excuse, accept or condone.  Just find some way to relate and communicate. We’ll never agree with everyone on everything, so how do we make this new Earth work?

We’re letting go of old stories and past baggage.  We’re corralling our thoughts and bringing them into the present. From here, we build the new ground. As we’re centered and stable in our own power and energy, outside influences won’t unbalance us or trigger us, and our energy will do the work for us.

That’s my feeling today, as it’s been a good day…peaceful, stable, centered. Tomorrow might be a different story.



  1. Hi Jenny ~ I LOVE yOUR offerings! I usually post them on my FB wall. Based on my earth-walk, the Rainbow Bridge is a live consciousness I’m very familiar with. I’d like to see how you are presenting it. I know it inside but haven’t yet found the words to express it.

    Thank you so much!! for clarifying the Rainbow Bridge and focusing on empowering ourSelves to walk (fly, dance, teleport, bilocate, beam) ourselves. Thank you ~~~ Thank YoUS ~~~ Thank US ~~~

    Sharing Great Gratitude along with the Blessings of KNOWING who WE REALLY ARE * WE ARE * ONE HEART * OPENING*
    ~ Joie Round Star ~

    Note: All links to this article are not working. I had to do a google search and come in the back door.


  2. Reblogged this on Awaken Lifeform and commented:
    An old story of inward vs outward, between you find the bridge that you are. It all depends on the modus operandi of humans what can slide between possibilities.


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