3 Reasons Why Kavanaugh Should Not Serve On Supreme Court

By Joe Martino, Collective Evolution

In Brief

  • The Facts: Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh has supported the Patriot Act, has expanded the definition of who could be tortured and appears to support mass government spying on citizens.
  • Reflect On: Do we view people, political situations and world events in extreme ways too often? Are our black and white views causing us to miss the truth and not see the big picture? Is it time to take a step back and see what’s truly going on?

In some areas of the alternative media world, it is believed that Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination for Supreme Court is a move that will destabilize more of the cabal/deep state. His confirmation would supposedly bring a key ally to the Supreme Court who would be able to work alongside Trump in their alleged efforts to shut down the cabal.

I have been researching this subject since Trump’s initial rise to president. It began with an intuitive feeling that something was changing within the deep state when Trump got into ‘power.’ I have stated on many occasions that I do believe he is working, in some ways, to destabilize certain aspects of the deep state and that people like the Clinton’s are deeply fearful of this individual due to their inability to control him. More on those details in the link above.

I do understand that Q has released info regarding Kavanaugh being framed and that it is an attempt to block work being done to affect the cabal and deep state negatively. I also do believe there is legitimacy to the Q phenomenon being made up of a group of intelligence insiders. I discuss this in detail in a recent video I released. Is there light to be seen in this? We shall see as we go. If Q is in fact as legit as many, including myself, feel it is, Kavanaugh may be an ally in this space.

However, I still feel the need to discuss an important nuance in this article. A nuance that will seem paradoxical, that will seem like maybe things are unclear about whether or not there should be support for Trump or Kavanaugh or… anyone for that matter.

I have come across some interesting thoughts about Kavanaugh brought forth by other journalists that I feel help to ground this situation a bit, and sober the ‘messiah complex’ that many are bringing to the table when it comes to Trump and even Kavanaugh. Most importantly, I intend to bring an understanding that these situations are not as black and white as we sometimes like to make them, and that if we take the time to remain neutral in our observation, we will not run into issues down the road where we begin to become blind to what’s truly playing out.

With that, I invite you to please read carefully and pay attention to the sentiments I’m touching on.

Kavanaugh Supports The Patriot Act

The aftermath of 9/11, the biggest false flag attack in US history, gave birth to a new policy that was essential to creating the national security state we live in currently. This of course was permitted by the extreme fear the public operated from after 9/11, the media intensity that followed and the wild story that was made up by the 9/11 commission.

According to the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), which filed a Freedom of Information Act Request for Kavanaugh’s official government correspondence records, Kavanaugh has referred to the Patriot Act as a “measured, careful, responsible, and constitutional approach” in an email he sent to a colleague.

He has even stated, “…the new law will update laws authorizing government surveillance.”

Do we want to support individuals that see value in such a publicly harmful policy? In 2018 does he still truly support things like this? Questions we have to consider.

He Appears To Have Lied About & Supported ‘The Torture Memos’

There have been a number of sobering moments for people as they have realized the true nature of America’s involvement in wars they fund and create, and how their military action has been outright torture and genocide on a number of occasions. These are moments where humanity has the opportunity to truly observe the ‘darkness’ we are capable of creating when we allow our unconsciousness to give up power to ‘leaders’ who don’t truly reflect a world we would all like to live in.

The world learned about the Bush Administration’s attempt to broadly expand the legal definition of torture so they could justify acts like waterboarding and sleep deprivation as permissible when questioning combatants. This was part of the sobering experience that many Americans went through as they realized America was not the moral and ethical global force they had thought it was.

Judge Kavanaugh served on Bush’s Administration at that time and in 2006 was questioned by the Senate Judiciary Committee on the issue of these memos that discussed the expanding of these definitions. This new expansion would also allow the US government to take these actions on anyone they deemed an enemy. Anyone. Kavanaugh went on record to say that he knew nothing of the Torture Memos before their public release.

He told Senator Leahy:

“I think with respect to the legal justifications or the policies relating to the treatment of detainees, I was not aware of any issues on that or the legal memos that subsequently came out. This was not part of my docket, either in the counsel’s office or as staff secretary.”

Many people have been skeptical about his lack of knowledge due to the fact that his position at the time required that memos and other written correspondences had to pass by his desk at some point before reaching their final recipient.

He Doesn’t Believe In Privacy

Those who know and are passionate about the Snowden story are well aware of the mass amounts of public data collection the NSA had been participating in and lying to the public about.

Kavanaugh has sided with mass government surveillance stating that “the government’s metadata collection program is entirely consistent with the fourth amendment.” He has also stated that “critical national security need outweighs the impact on privacy occasioned by this program.”

This is a classic justification used on the public for why seemingly extreme acts or policies are created and upheld. If it threatens ‘national security’ then we just should stay quiet and say nothing as patriotic public citizens. Unfortunately, this justification is used for every major issue the public raises questions about.

The Takeaway

To me, this is about taking a step back and questioning whether or not we should be jumping so heavily into extreme views about anything or anyone. On the left or Democratic side, many are up in arms about what Kavanaugh allegedly did with Dr. Ford, even though there is no evidence of it at this point. On the flip side, people are giving unflinching support to this man because they are Republican and support Trump.

Furthermore, some of the alternative media community sees Trump and Kavanaugh as some sort of messianic duo coming to save the world. While there may be some truth to this, this unquestioned faith is blinding people from the truth and the bigger picture.

In all cases, we have to take a step back from politics and truly ask what the heck we are supporting here. Why do we identify so deeply with political sides and thus blind ourselves from any truth by remaining extreme? Does our division into political sides truly help our cause to create a better world as a collective? There’s more reflection on this in a recent Q&A I did.


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