Life as a Gymnasium


Credit: Countryside Clinic of Chiropratic

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia


No experience should be wasted.

Even when I drop a brick on my own foot, it shouldn’t be wasted.

Apart from my egregious misappraisal of the man I heard speaking, I did get to watch myself in the situation that resulted.

Years ago I would have dropped through the floor. For months afterwards I’d cringe at the memory.

But, after Xenia, I never ceased to smile through the whole discussion. I was happy.

This has never happened to me before: Happiness and I did not travel together. But now we do.

It seems to have something to do with having the connective passageway between me and whatever that was (the Self, a Light) cleared out. There’s a more direct connection between the everyday me and it through the emotions.

None of this comes with a manual. The Self did not introduce itself to me and leave its business card. It did not say, “Now I’m going to operate in this way. Watch for me here.” I have to figure it all out.

I gave the example earlier of happiness – an unheard of state for me, the Grinch. That was the Self communicating through the emotions, I think.

One of the things I’ve distinguished out in myself is a new sense of confidence. As it turns out, I’m not a slimeball fatherhater deep down. I’m as innocent as the driven snow.

That does provide a firm foundation, not for arrogance which is like a toxic fume to a deeper level of consciousness, but for confidence based on knowing who we are – that innocence, purity, and naturalness. And gentleness. And evidently happiness.

Shankara really described how it’s become for me since that experience:

“Once we become conscious, even dimly, of the Atman [the Self], the Reality within us, the world takes on a very different aspect. It is no longer a court of justice but a kind of gymnasium.” (1)

Yes, life has become a gymnasium for me now, rather than a court of justice. I swing on the rings.

The connection with my Self has also created a rise in my emotional floor. I don’t go below that floor any longer and its level has risen.

I don’t get dismayed these days.  A feeling will come along that used to drag me down and it can’t find a foothold. These are residual gifts of that sight of the Self at Xenia.

But one has to discover what has changed and only on discovering it can we really access it; otherwise it lies hidden, latent.

Imagine having your wiring rearranged by some of the deeper experiences and being left without a handbook on your New You. That may face the ascended ones.

Back to politics. The thing I found most reassuring and delightful was the caliber of your speaking. No one was rude. Almost no one pointed the finger. I’m not nursing any wounds. I hope you’re not.

I learned your feelings about various aspects of politics, heard how deep the subject runs for you, and discovered that I had no commitment to look into the political scene in any depth.  Having seen that, at last I feel able to detach myself from politics.

It was nice to e-meet you all. I enjoyed our discussion. I feel very hopeful about lightworker collaboration in the future as a result of it.

All for the price of a brick.


(1) Shankara in Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher lsherwood, Shankara’s Crest-Jewel of Discrimination. Hollywood: Vedanta Press, 1975; c1947, 24.


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