The Still Mind is Master of Every Thought and Feeling

stillnessBy Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Probably as my vacation looms (a five-day silent retreat), I seem to have an intense desire to be alone these days. I’m positively grumpy if I allow myself to be rousted from my cave.

If I need to go out, I feel deep relief once I arrive back at my flat.

I just want to be still.

It doesn’t concern me if it’s rational or not or if it fits with things or not. It’s imperative that I be still.

In the stillness, I can dive deeply into myself and find a sweetness of love that sweeps away all cares.

An hour later

In this higher-dimensional love, everything slows down. It’s possible for me to be still because love is entirely satisfying: There’s nothing outside love that I seek so no need for action.

I now see that stillness is not a place I need to get to. Stillness is my default. It’s the place I come from. Stillness is me.

I am still.

Stillness is the most natural state in the world. Stillness is the opposite of drama. The latter is like velcro; the former is like teflon.  Nothing sticks to the still mind.

This is the birth of my recognition of my natural Self as being a still Self. By extension my ascended Self must also be a still Self.

The Arcturians said we’d have to master every thought and feeling. (1) A still mind – for the time it’s still – is the master of every thought and feeling.


(1) “You will be called upon to master EVERY thought and feeling.” (Arcturians through Suzanne Lie, Nov. 8, 2013.)

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  1. Reblogged this on Awaken Lifeform and commented:
    Huge difference is a solid stillness that only will break if you yourself create a thought in it. Silence is the normal, without any mental noise. So it was given to beings with dense matter brain, but manipulated on earth.


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