Natural = Sahaja = Ascended

stilness3-copy-2-300x199By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I’m reflecting on the experience of utter stillness I had a day ago. (1) May I?

The insights from it keep unfolding.

As it seems to me, stillness is our natural state.

If it weren’t so, then all the rishis or enlightened sages would be pictured active rather than inactive – in a meditative state. Why are so many of them practising stillness?

If it weren’t so, why would anyone recommend meditation in the first place? We’d all be rushing around like mad, trying to scale the walls of heaven.

We may notice that, when we’re in an upset, if we succeed in stilling ourselves, we’re better able to deal with it and we just feel better.

Stillness is balance. Balance is calmness. Calmness is the doorway to the higher states.

In balance, we find ourselves seeming to be in the center and discover that all good things seem to radiate from it, from the heart.

The heart, when opened, is the treasure box of myth and lore. It contains the “treasure buried in a field,” namely, the Christ or soul or Atman. The Self. The “I” and “You.”

The opened treasure box reveals to us an inner current, an inner tsunami of love, truly the golden river and source of all spiritual currency, which quickly empties into an Ocean of Love, in which we drown to the Third Dimension.

The place in consciousness we end up is in my books what we mean by “Ascension,” making this a visit to what awaits us all.

In that moment of utter stillness, nothing temporary or ephemeral survived the sudden stopping of the motion picture of my life. The only thing that survived was “me,” a point of awareness which inspired all action.

Utter stillness had brought me to the heart of the matter.

Anything that moves cannot exist in a state of absolute stillness. It dissolves, disappears, ceases to exist.  Poof! And it’s gone, leaving only “you” and “me.”

Only you and I can exist in the highest states of stillness. And then, even you and I reach a point, beyond states, that reveals us also to be constructions in consciousness, which also dissolve, leaving only the One. (2)

Sri Ramakrishna used to tell the story of a salt doll that wanted to measure the ocean. But it couldn’t because, every time it entered the water, it dissolved. It therefore failed in its attempt. (3) We are all those salt dolls.

Increasing stillness increases our “proximity” to the One. That’s a metaphorical way of speaking.  It’d be more accurate to say it helps us feel closer to God.

If you have your shopping basket on your arm, throw in blessing, thanking, forgiving, loving, and stillness.

Let me close this reflection with a metaphysical note.

Stillness is the natural state.  In Sanskrit, the natural state is called sahaja. Sahaja is also the enlightenment that marks the culmination of Ascension. (4)

Natural = Sahaja = Ascension.

Therefore by deduction, Ascension is our natural state.

In the natural state, reached in stillness, all that’s natural appears to be available – bliss, love, joy, peace, etc.

The natural state, the sahaja state, is the ascended state. I’ve visited the place they lead to. I just couldn’t stay.  (5)


(1) “A Brief Glimpse,”

(2) The One is where (free) energy comes from. All movement arises from the One. When God is active, we call her the Mother. When God is still, we call him the Father. The One is beyond the Mother and the Father and includes both. The One is all.

How the One works is beyond me. It will ever remain a mystery because it will. But also because as soon as I understand anything of it, “I” will disappear.  In that moment, God will meet God if even for an instant.

(3) After the heart opening on March 13, 2015, I also found myself in the Ocean of Love and it occurred to me at that time that it seemed to be endless, measureless.

(4) It’s also a full and complete heart opening.

(5) AAM:  You did not come to live as a guru in a western or eastern manner.   …

Steve: Can you help me make sense of returning to my interdimensionality while not becoming a guru figure?

AAM: It is very simple: Visit; don’t stay.   (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, May 6, 2013.)

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