5 Reasons You Should Meditate While You Travel

5 Reasons You Should Meditate While You Travel

According to a National Health Interview Survey, just 8% of American adults say they practice meditation, despite the many benefits it brings. If you’re a traveler, you have even more reasons to start practicing if you don’t already.

Perhaps you’re rewarding yourself with a trip after you were finally able to purchase that dream house among the San Diego homes for sale and, thanks to the area’s affordability, you’ve got quite a bit of cash leftover to do so. To make the most of the experience, take time of each day to meditate.

Here’s why.

You’ll Feel Less-Stressed

While travel is fun and exciting, it can also be stressful, from trying to get to the airport on time to going through long security lines, lost reservations and luggage, and so on. While it’s best to consider those bumps along the road as just part of the adventure, practicing meditation will help take those stress levels way down, allowing you to look at things with a different perspective, appreciating the little moments and all the new places you’re seeing. You’ll be giving your body and mind time to rest, decreasing the production of stress-related hormones like cortisol.

Less Anxiety

Traveling to a new destination, while rewarding, can also cause some anxiety, simply because everything may be different than it is back home. You’ll probably have to navigate streets you’ve never walked or driven, you may have to try and communicate in another language and pay for items in a currency you’ve never used. All of this can contribute to anxiety, but by regularly practicing meditation while you’re traveling, it can lessen that immensely, leaving you to feel calmer almost immediately, melting that anxiety away.

Reducing Pain

If your prone to any type of chronic pain like back pain, knee pain or migraines, meditation can help. Scientific research, as published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine, has shown that those who practice experience reduced pain, something that may also be useful after a day of walking all over the city, or climbing a mountain too.

More Energy

Those who meditate regularly typically have more energy than those who don’t. Part of the reason for that is likely that those who meditate and feel more relaxed tend to sleep better so they feel less fatigued the next day. When you have a busy travel schedule, taking just 5 minutes out of your day to meditate can help refuel you so that you can enjoy all those activities and attractions.

Connecting with Nature

Meditation helps you to appreciate the moment and connect with nature – perhaps while you’re out kayaking on a lake, hiking through the forest or taking a stroll on the beach. By taking a moment to slow your breathing, breathing from deep within your belly, shutting your eyes and just letting yourself be, you’ll feel more at one with all that’s around you, soothing mind, body and soul.

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