Morning Blog: Encounter with a Freemason

By Wes Annac, Editor, Karma Yoga Daily

“Morning blog” is an occassional morning segment in which I share whatever is on my mind. I won’t be doing it regularly, but you can expect a post like this every now and then. 

At the grocery store this morning, my wife was approached by a friendly older employee who proudly told her he was a Freemason. He said he’d just finished explaining to someone else that Masons “don’t do voodoo” (his words not mine) and that his lodge helps poor people in the area by putting them in a house with no rent or bills for six months so they can get back on their feet. He also told her that there are a lot of Masons in the area who own businesses.

Funny enough, I wrote about Freemasonry over a year ago. I covered the organization’s history and its conspiratorial side because I was interested and wanted to learn more. (That was back when I read a lot more David Wilcock.) It’s probably just a coincidence that I wrote about it and a year later my wife is approached by a Mason, but it is interesting.

If I were there, I would’ve asked the guy what degree he was and if there were any high-degree Masons in his lodge. You’d think that the higher degrees are where you’ll find a lot of the esoteric and occult stuff, with lower-degree Masons participating in their community, charity, etc.

I would’ve also asked him if he studied the group’s history; specifically, if he’s aware of the murder of 33rd degree Mason William Morgan in 1826. Morgan’s fellow Masons murdered him for a book he wrote exposing many of the organization’s secrets. When word got out that he was killed by Masons, it ignited a country-wide revolt against Freemasonry. The group was brought to its knees but obviously survived and is around today.

I’d imagine that low-level members in local communities are not only harmless but go out of their way to help their community. It’s those higher-degree Masons, as well as the group’s troubled history and ties to occultism, that make people think Masons do “voodoo” or satanic stuff. I don’t know if they do or not because I’m not a Mason. The internet is a great resource for learning about this stuff, but you can’t believe everything you read here.

It was just a friendly encounter with an older man who was excited about his group and wanted to talk about it. More power to him. At the same time, though, it was a little odd.


  1. Well my hometowns masonic lodge was ruined by hurricane Rita. I recently moved back here started this journey, been homeless since what I call the family fallout but my Father God walks with me. God Bless.


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