4 Meditation Tools for Self-Awareness and a Quiet Mind

By Ethan Indigo Smith, Wake Up World

Stop and smell the roses. Have you seen the intricate beauty in flowers and the natural world around you lately? It is confounding and amazing to me how many people deny themselves of moments to pause and reflect on the beauty of the intricacy of the world and life. Generally people convince themselves they do not have time to meditate in any form let alone in the form of simply pausing and reflecting on the beauty of entirety.

People are busy and busy-minded and make conditions in their life that makes meditation difficult. Many people think meditation is too complex a practice, or that meditating is for people without complexity. But meditation can be as simple as observing the beauty of a flower, or a butterfly. In fact, meditation describes a whole panorama of practices and tools to better enable individuals to explore our own inner worlds and the outer world.

There are innumerable forms of meditations and meditation tools. Here I would like to share four tools and practices that better enable self-awareness and promote a meditative mind state. These four meditation practices correspond with the energy of the four dimensions of geometry, and enable the inner understanding of ourselves as well as outer understandings of the world. Use these four meditation tools as your own, for whatever situation you find them applicable.

Meditation Tools for Self-Awareness and a Quiet Mind


Wherever you may be, whether on the subway or the mountain top (preferably a natural setting), whether sitting or standing, observe your surroundings and reflect them, as well as reflect upon them. Observe the intricate simplicity and infinite beauty behind and beyond the beautiful natural web of life you are immersed in. Reflect on the beauty of the entirety of creation, the volume of the here and now.

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