Conscious Media: A New Form Of News & Media That Will Revolutionize Our World

By Joe Martino, Collective Evolution

In Brief

  • The Facts: Conscious media is a new form of news and media that will revolutionize the way people understand current affairs and their place within it. Cutting through MSM deception and bringing reflection back to Self are key elements.
  • Reflect On: When is the last time mainstream or alternative media truly asked you to think deeply about yourself? Provided outside-the-box solutions? What if we had media that helped us end various destructive cycles and brought us towards thrivability?

In 2016, as the presidential election was heating up and candidates were throwing punches back and forth, the term ‘fake news’ was born. Partly a result of Trump and partly hyped up by a damning list produced by a university professor, ‘fake news’ was now a real thing to people.

Suddenly websites like Snopes were getting a great deal of attention as they have established themselves as ‘fact checkers’ to new stories that make their way onto the internet. The problem was, Snopes simply uses mainstream media rhetoric and ‘facts’ to fact-check the stories coming from the alternative media that are designed to offer a different perspective than that of mainstream media.

During the rise of fake news, we at Collective Evolution saw a sharp decline in our Facebook reach literally on the same day ‘the list’ came out. Following this, I had stated that I felt this entire agenda would backfire massively on the elite/cabal who were clearly reeling as more truth was coming to the surface. And this is precisely what is now happening.

I felt that people were going to begin thinking more deeply about news stories. They would get out their magnifying glasses and really begin looking at facts beyond the deception of the mainstream presentation. As this process happens, they will begin to see that the sources who lie, manipulate and deceive the most are mainstream sources.

So here we are, almost 2 years after ‘fake news’ propaganda became mainstream and we now see what has happened. Have a look at these survey results as it relates to mainstream media. They are quite revealing.

Axios (2018)
70% of people feel: Traditional major news sources report news they know to be fake, false, or purposely misleading.

65% of people feel: Fake news is usually reported because “people have an agenda.”

Gallup (2017)
66% of people feel: Most news media do not do a good job of separating fact from opinion.

50%+ of people feel: They cannot name an objective news source.

Pew Research (2017)
22.5% of people feel: Information from National News Organizations is trustworthy (Average of Dem 34%, Rep 11%).

We can see that people are losing more and more trust in the mainstream media. The veil is lifting and people are starting to sense truth more deeply. This is leading to an exploration, not only of our world and how it works, but of our selves also.

Read more about the fall of mainstream media here.

Conscious Media

This is where conscious media comes in. For the last 9.5 years we have been creating a brand of media we call ‘conscious media.’ While there are different definitions for what this can look like, we define it in our own way. Some feel conscious media is just talking about spirituality or talking about wellness, whereas we bring ALL THINGS together. We take a neutral voice that allows humanity to see things more clearly, which helps to create a culture of changing from within, which leads to positive change in our outer world.

We don’t separate important human questions like who we are and why we are here from things like truth and ‘conspiracies’ (as they are often called). The reason for this is because they simply are not separate. They are all part and parcel of this experience called life, and to avoid one or the other is to not see the true picture of what we are involved in. More on this in our podcast episode here.

Conscious media is about looking at ourselves, our world and what happens within it to understand what it truly means for us and what we can do to change it. It turns the lens within and asks why we are creating conditions in our world through our consciousness, beliefs, actions and so forth. It challenges us to think more deeply about what is actually possible and work towards creating a world where humanity can truly thrive.

We hear a lot “but we’re human, just embrace that!” That’s all fine, but what does that mean? What is a human? How should we be? Does being human mean accepting the world as it is? Aren’t we capable of more? Can we redefine what it means to be human and what life should look like? Why do we give up so easily on dreaming big about these things?

I used to accept MANY limitations about myself and what I could do. But eventually, I was faced with the chance to let all of that go, and re-imagine what was possible. Even when everyone told me I was crazy and I couldn’t do what I was trying to do, I used my connection to self and consciousness to create it. That’s because I believed I was capable of more, and so is everyone else. This is how Collective Evolution came to be. That’s what conscious media is about.

The video I created below explores conscious media in detail, and why this revolutionary form of media how it impacts our world.

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