The World That Bliss Creates


S/he knows….

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia


I was imagining myself giving an orientation lecture to new employees and I was trying to explain how and why I could get behind an idea as outrageous as a world that works for everyone. (1)

The lady over there is going to say that the world does not work for her and the gentleman over here will say “Phooey.” The world does not work for them so it doesn’t work for everyone. See?

Yes, this world of our everyday senses does not work for many people in the world, I fully grant.

But there is a state of being on a higher vibratory level of consciousness – that’s the best way I can put it – in which the world works for all.

There’s nothing I can think of to compare to that state to in our everyday lives.  Bliss is orgasmic. Higher-dimensional Love is totally satisfying. The senses fall silent in the presence of either of them.

Why? Probably because the being is totally satisfied and nothing more is sought – but more love and bliss. Nothing the senses could detect would compare with either of these higher-dimensional states.

The being is giving its attention to the bliss rather than to sensory impressions. The senses are ignored.

If you were totally satisfied right now, would you wish harm upon another? Undoubtedly you wouldn’t.

Life would be unendingly sweet. The world that bliss creates is a joy to be in, for everyone. That’s our destination. That’s our blueprint.

And we’re helping to translate that state of consciousness, in which the world works, into tangible form – into companies that care, philanthropic endeavors that really do make a difference with their funds, projects that tackle global problems, etc.

I’m in bliss at the moment and again being flooded with all the best memories of my life, exactly as I described a few days ago. (2)

Everything tumbles past me, nothing staying in the face of this welcome state of being. (2) But I do notice how healing it is to remember the good times and until now I’ve been known for remembering the bad times.

This is higher-dimensional. And in this space of bliss, I wouldn’t think of harming anyone. I’d give you the shirt off my back, gladly. And five minutes later someone would have a shirt for me. And we’d all laugh.

The world would work for everyone in this space. No one would want it any other way.

And so it will be in the near future due to the efforts of lightworker leaders in the area of philanthropy. We’re given the first crack at creating such a society.

It’s in the service of this vision – that the world can be made to work for everyone – that I, along with my co-partner Michael, create these companies. By rights I should be cowering in a corner, in a fit of insecurity. But it isn’t like that. I frankly cannot wait to get started.


(1) The words are those of Werner Erhard.

(2) I had practically a repeat of the same experience described in “Money Can’t Buy Abundance,”

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