Why ‘Having It All’ Doesn’t Make You Happy (& What Does)

By Dulce Ruby, Collective Evolution

In Brief

  • The Facts: Material wealth does not equate happiness. One can be ‘on top of the world’ to the masses, but still be unhappy and feel a lack in their lives.
  • Reflect On: We are limitless beings experiencing life through our own personal lens, and as we journey forth it is important to remember that true wealth is that of sound mind, body, and Soul.

There are plenty of idioms I could bring to point in starting this article, but I won’t beat around the bush. We are all aware or have at the very least heard that ‘money can’t buy happiness,’ and within the spiritual community, we seem to understand the depths of that message. So why is it that some of us still seek to attain a life or lifestyle that seems to fall under that very pretense?  

It’s simple, we’ve been programmed to believe and sold on the idea that it will, in fact, bring us happiness in all ways as soon as we reach a certain level of ‘success.’ Whether it be through advertising, marketing or social media & celebrity influence, we have probably been subjected to a false reality on some screen or another.  

Important to note, I am not saying that money is ‘evil’ or that having wealth in this form is ‘wrong’ – but more so that the act of striving for success in monetary form will never fill the void we believe we have. 

Over the past few weeks alone we have seen multiple deaths, claimed to be by suicide, of people who were notably regarded to be of influence, wealth and perceived as happy in their lives. It’s a touchy subject and we know it’s not at all solely those that are idolized that suffer from such deep sadness, but for this example it is crucial to make my point in that, as the title implies, having it all does not mean you are automatically rewarded with happiness.

Let’s Get Personal

A little personal tidbit as well to add to the mix is my own experience within the entertainment industry and my glimpses of such ‘success’ over the years I spent modeling. At the time, I was 18 years old and had just moved to NYC and was quickly swooped up by a big talent agency. Within weeks, I landed my first big advertisement campaign for Timex and Marc Ecko and could be seen in magazines and on billboards around the globe.

After a few months of this, I moved into an apartment in the city and a couple years later a penthouse. I knew just about everybody who was ‘somebody,’ but there was still this IMMENSE sense of lack, and though my practice (meditation) was still being implemented, it was less consistent and more disrupted with chaos than peace due to the fast pace of both the city I lived in and my career.

After a million & one lessons (and clear signs from the Universe), I made the decision to come back to my Self; ground and re-connect. How did this look for me? One day I just got up and left – cold turkey. All of my material possessions, memories, etc. (extreme, I know – but at the time it just felt so right) left behind as I hailed that taxi, headed straight to the airport, and moved onto a new (more meaningful & resonating) journey.

So, if what’s been glorified for eons to equate happiness (fame, fortune, etc.) is not the key, what is?  

Sure, you most certainly can be financially well-off and be happy, but the happiness more than likely would not be coming from where most believe, but more so would be from being aligned, at peace with & grateful for where one is – no matter the case; and this is the key. Being happy, or at peace, does not come from outside, but from within.

The Inner Work  

Self-love, awareness, and development (the inner work) has been highlighted in both the spiritual and wellness communities as of late, and is quickly making its way into the mainstream as a ‘hot topic’ – and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It may be a trendy subject to discuss at the moment, but it is also necessary for our evolution to look within, tune into ourselves and break free of the programming and patterns we have acquired over the years.

Making time for spiritual growth goes back centuries when reflection, meditation, and breathing techniques were used regularly to attain states of clarity and bliss within oneself.  So why had mainstream media kept it from us for so long? Well, this is the kicker – the commercialized mainstream-take on ‘having it all’ may not work in attaining happiness, but it does work in keeping us enslaved to the system that we currently live in. And that’s exactly what they want; the more we are unaware of the better – and what they didn’t tell you nor want you to know is that YOU ALREADY HAVE IT ALL, WITHIN YOU – and you just need to remember, awaken & tap into it.

So, how do we go about utilizing the same tools and techniques to aid in our spiritual journey and work towards our personal happiness? Devotion, patience & practice.

Practice Exercise   

Allot yourself a minimum of 30 minutes for some “Me time”

Find a space where you can clear your mind; some place where there are no distractions, preferably in nature.  

What to Bring with You 

Notebook, pen, blanket/towel (something to put down to sit/lay on), water (always stay hydrated!), camera for documentation (memory building), and crystals (if you own any – for cleansing, charging and setting intent – more on this in later weeks!).  Nothing else, and please – try and leave all digital distractions behind (cell, tablet, etc.).

This is YOUR time for YOU; during this period nothing else matters or exists.  As our first week together, I would like to start off with the simplest and yet one of the most rewarding experiences: meditation.  

When you’ve found the perfect spot, get comfortable and situate yourself in a position where you will be able to be still and unbothered for at least half an hour.  Take in the view, and if you couldn’t make it out into the world – no worries! A quiet space alone is more than enough – be it your room, a library, etc. – just enjoy your own company.  

Moving forward, open up your notebook and start to write whatever comes to mind – free-flowing thoughts with no restraints.  After a few minutes or until you feel ready, put it away and off to the side – then close your eyes, breathe deeply, really focusing on each breath – in & out – and clear your mind.  

As thoughts begin to arise (“this is silly,”  “..what will I be eating later,” “I wonder..” etc. etc.), listen to what is being ‘said.’ – Is it purposeful? Positive?  That may not be the case starting off, but pay attention to the energy – how you FEEL – release all worries, doubts, fears, and limits and allow the thoughts to flow through, and just BE. Do not place judgment or stress on what is coming through, but take notice.

Stillness and silence here is a beautiful thing which can bring about so much magic if you solely allow. Sit and enjoy your time, breathing in the Universe and just BEING.  

Give yourself 15 minutes (that’s not much in correlation to a day’s supposed worth, right? ..and this is YOU we are speaking of, YOU DESERVE IT!).  After wrapping up some time here, new thoughts, ideas, discoveries may have been had/made – So, now – take out your notebook again, and write away!  I suggest doing this every time – prior & before – in order to see your growth not only over time, but as you step into your Self & center, and as you awaken anew.    

If you would like to experience a guided meditation to begin with, we offer a powerful one, called Healing Journey, for free so that anyone can download and enjoy. 

Until next time!

This is solely the beginning, you are blessed light and together we shall shine.



  1. “Over the past few weeks alone we have seen multiple deaths,” cuz they were bad people, they wanted to speak about cabal and cabal killed them. simple.


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