The Way of the Future



By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia


I’m imagining (creatively thinking) of the corporate structure and process of the future.

So far all I can see is what it may not have.

It won’t be competition-based. All citizens will have abundance to begin with.

Work-reducing items like replicators and new health-restoring mechanisms (I don’t want to name things I know nothing about) will make our lives much, much easier.

It won’t be a dog-eat-dog and someone’s-after-our-lunch world.

Everyone will have their freedom of choice restored and validated. And the means to enjoy it besides.

Consequently in the business world I hope and expect there will be a shift from strategizing to logistics. Not how will we put one over on the competition but how shall we get the job we want done?

What would we love to express out into the world in service? A documentary? A bakery? A temple?

The real good or service all of them would produce would be the divine states. Measured in overall happiness.

In my opinion, cooperative collaboration, without compulsory conformity (!!!), would liberate the divine states in people, when the rising energies are added in.

All divine states (peace is an exception) have one thing in common: They flow. We find them for the most part in movement. That’s why Michael would be encouraging us to get into the flow:

“You have this expression of ‘being in the flow.’

“But in truth you (and when I say ‘you’ I mean the human collective but particularly at the head of that parade are the lightworkers), you are learning more about the joy, the pleasure, the ease, the grace of being in the flow.” (1)

On another occasion he called it “the ever present flow of the Mother’s energy, of the love.” (2) All of these states are experienced as they flow through us on their way to everyone and everything else in creation that will receive them. If we flow, we make ourselves a useful conduit for them.

The Mother is movement. The divine states which flow must be the gifts of the Mother.

Peace is emptiness, stillness, rest, which must be the gifts of the Father.

Ramakrishna might say that the Mother doesn’t want the game of the Great Return to end.

She doesn’t want to release her children from the Leela of the world too quickly. It brings the Mother/Father One much enjoyment to watch us live our lives.

She wants her angelic beings to enjoy the world as a playground in which to experience being in form.

Beings were meant to live in love, bliss, peace, and joy. Our world has the matter completely backwards and upside down. Conditions which increase misery don’t even have to be here.

Conditions that create love, bliss, peace, and joy are unthinkable to Third-Dimensional thinkers. But they’re, all, the way of the future.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 20, 2017.

(2) Ibid., March 13, 2015.

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