What Would It Take to End War?

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Flower power.

This Easter weekend, I’m thinking about what it would take to end war on this planet….

And I think about war itself, to discover.

The Russians, at Stalingrad in 1943, dealt the invaders a stunning blow.

The largest German army to ever surrender was now walking into captivity.  A German field marshal had been captured. These things were not supposed to happen.

Until now Russian armies had been largely (not always) routed.

What turned the tide then, just as we need to turn the tide now?  In my eyes, it was the determination of the Russian people.

They reached a point of resolution where they were ready to respond when Russian leadership said, “Not a step back.”

The motivation of the Russian leaders was questionable, (1) but the people’s determination was not.

They accepted whatever loss was feared without losing the determination to win the battle. That was the ultimate lesson of Stalingrad.

And it turned the tide of the war, in my eyes.

From that point on, they pushed the invaders out of Russia and all of eastern Europe. They swept all before them.

Their determination was key. And we can learn from it.

We are warriors of peace. We’re here in the first place to bring peace to the world.

After that, we rebuild.

My assertion is that it’ll take the same level of determination as at Stalingrad – demonstrated and held to in all circumstances – to turn a global situation around. But dictators also have determination. Is determination alone enough?

If we want to turn the global situation in the direction of peace, then we have to aim that determination in the direction of peace on Earth.

Accepting whatever loss is feared without losing the determination to hold to peace will be the ultimate lesson of our peace activism.

Aung San Suu Kyi and Malala Yousafzai are examples of people who perform the role of peacemaker and peacekeeper very well.  Gandhi is another.

When even a fraction of the world becomes like the three of them, this world will have peace, I believe.

It’ll take our determination to have peace reign in the human family to turn the tide. It’ll take the courage to walk up to those with guns and inspire their holders to put them down.

I believe that even the ones holding the guns want to be told to put them down. No one wants to kill another person at the deepest parts of their being. But we’ve allowed our fear of death or injury to overrule our desire for peace, it seems to me.

We need to create ourselves being individual kings and queens of peace, respecting the free will of others, who are also kings and queens of peace.

We need to be ambassadors of unity, self-declared, on our own divine authority.

We need to declare peace (war-free) zones around the world and extend those in all directions.

We need to have worldwide, mass-attended marches for peace. Not for that issue or this issue, but for peace itself. An end to wars and other forms of violence  – whatever the reason for the violence. Surely the desire to see war end in the world unites us as a globe.

Why is it that a critical mass of us refusing to buckle under to violence is so effective?

I used to think that it was exclusively the result of our efforts on this plane. For example, people see us on the news refusing to yield before violence and it inspires them, as in the photo at the head of this page.

But now I see that our intention (2) enters the collective consciousness and triggers a response from other realms as well – galactic and celestial. Most of society may not believe me on this, but I’ve seen enough that I do.

Because people would follow us and unseen helpers aid us, if even a fraction of the world were Suu Kyis and Yousafzais – or just peaceful me – I assert that war would prove impossible on this planet and peace would return.


(1) Stalingrad was named after Stalin. Therefore, Stalin did not want it to fall to the Germans, even if it was razed to the ground. To make the troops fight harder, he prevented women and children from evacuating. But that does not reflect on the accomplishment of the Russian people.

(2) And it’s even better if we invoke the universal Law of Intention and ask the Divine Mother’s aid in realizing our intention that peace reign on Earth now.

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