Woman Cures Her Terminal Cancer With Cannabis Oil, 6 Weeks to Live

By Heather CallaghanEditor, Natural Blaze

“I know I would not be here today without it. I want to tell everybody….I’ve beaten science…”

English woman Joy Smith, age 52, was given “just six weeks to live after being diagnosed with inoperable stomach and bowel cancer in August 2016.”

Her friends encouraged her to obtain marijuana tablets to take along with chemo after doctors told her that chemotherapy would only buy her more time. Shortly after beginning chemo, she had to have the chemo line taken out due to Smith developing sepsis.

She also took CBD oil (which does not contain THC) alongside marijuana oil. She wants to see cannabis products legalized, crediting marijuana with saving her life.

Daily Mail reports:

Desperate for a solution, Ms Smith reluctantly took cannabis-based tablets, alongside chemotherapy, after reading about a cancer patient in the US who went into remission after producing her own marijuana oil.

Nearly two years on, doctors, who described Ms Smith as ‘the luckiest woman in the world’, are baffled as her scans show just a small amount of the disease is left in her stomach, which she is confident will disappear with continued cannabis use.

As well as approaching a miracle remission, Ms Smith has also recently won £84,000 after entering a TV competition while ‘under the influence’ of cannabis oil.

She is speaking out to encourage cannabis’ legislation for medical use, saying: ‘I’m a walking miracle. The doctors call me Wonder Woman.

‘Cannabis oil should be legalised for medical purposes – people are dying and chemotherapy isn’t curing them.’

She says of the oil:

I was taking it on and off. But when I’d been having it three-to-five times a week, the scans were getting better and then when I stopped taking it the scans showed no change.

At first I was only taking a tiny drop the size of about half a grain of rice.

Sometimes it takes hours to kick in and sometimes it’s straight away. You do get stoned and you get very tired. It made me want to sleep so I tend to just stay in bed when I’ve taken it.

It’s impossible, but I’ve beaten science. My friends kept saying if anyone was going to beat it, it would be me, and I did – I’m still here.

People are starting learn more about it now, it’s what’s keeping me here.

When people are dying something needs to be done. I want to do everything I can to get it legalised for medicinal purposes in the UK.

I wouldn’t be here now without it.

Obviously, she – like others – was forced to obtain cannabis oil illegally, similar to those in the United States.

As we’ve said before, cannabis oil contains THC, the active and cancer-fighting compound that does create euphoria. Smith found out later that she had won a contest she had entered while high — and won $116,780! Apparently it’s the gift that keeps giving.

Not only is Smith still cancer-free, but she has achieved everything on her bucket list and has just won a load of money – what a surreal, but welcome feeling that must be. At the same time, those things don’t compare to getting your priceless health back.

There is a strong voice for marijuana freedom in the UK following many stories of recovery using cannabis oil.

Last year, a UK mom illegally gave her son cannabis after doctors told them the boy had three days to live – he made a full recovery and lives today. Also last year, a Scottish woman astonished the world when she cured her deadly brain tumor using cannabis oil.

The first Briton ever was only recently prescribed medical marijuana (different from CBD oil) to relieve deadly seizures.

Others in the UK have shocked the world by curing cancer with cannabidiol (CBD oil).

recent breakthrough study at St. George’s University of London, found that cannabidiol and THC killed leukemia cells when they were used alone. Even more so when used with chemo – their potency was significantly improved.

SEE: 100 Scientific Studies Proving Cannabis Cures Cancer

DISCLAIMER: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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  1. I am a 60 yo woman in COlorado who got a stage 4 MBC diagnosis in March of 2018. I immediately began taking and making my own cannabis oils along with 3 rounds of very toxic chemo. I demanded a second scan after 3 rounds (they were destroying all of me) and on July 9th, 2018 I got a completely clean scan. I had bony mets from my skull to my pelvis. They are all gone now. I believe the full scale attack did this. I am still taking oils I make myself, but am considering leaving all conventional treatments now.I have a gripe with the hospital and I just don’t want to go there anymore. I might like to be on letrozole, but that’s it.


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