Five Minutes Inside

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

My attitude towards political commentary is constantly changing, perhaps mirroring, perhaps creating the chaos outside.

Hear for yourself. Listen in on five minutes inside my mind.

If readers knew the full extent of Illuminati crimes, they’d be retching in the toilet bowl.

It never stops. Even now with the whole structure under siege, they continue assassinating their opponents.

How much should I be revealing? Publish the memoirs of Svali? Recount the range of Illuminati evil in one scorching, retching piece?

I think not in this case. It would be a step along the road to secondary traumatization.

Then, do I simply leave the whole subject alone? How can I? How could anybody? Who wants their children to be kidnapped and … see? I can’t go any farther than that.

And how to present a subject like this without bias? How to be emotionally uninvolved when you are involved? How not to be influenced by others when you’re fully aware of the emotional charge the issue has for them?

There has to be a middle way through this dilemma.

And of course the answer is staring me in the face. The way of balance is the middle way through this maze. (1)

If I can remain balanced throughout this time of chaos, then … that … in itself would be a contribution.

Soon enough, my entire life – and the lives of many readers – is going to be about financial decision-making.

When I made refugee decisions for the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, the degree of integrity called out by “the regulations” was impressive.

Having done the est Training, I revelled in how much cleaner it invited me to be.

Now here we are a second time (for me) where all skills and talents are being called out again. A high degree of probity will be called out of each of us after the Reval.

If I haven’t downloaded the IRB file and thoroughly remembered its lessons, I’ll have missed an opportunity.

This next phase of “the work” will be deciding who as a person or as a cause should receive funding. That’ll be a process we’ll be expected to carry out in a humane, impartial, and equitable manner.

Putting in place guidelines for financial decision-makers. Having them trained in credibility analysis, country conditions, cultural sensitivity, financial considerations, etc.

Getting all this done requires decisions being made. And good decisions require balance.

So my work is cut out for me. And it isn’t about various skills any more; it isn’t about covering the news of the world; it’s about balance itself.

So, memo to Steve, stop focusing on areas that don’t really suit or attract you. Political commentary doesn’t really suit you. Others are covering that beat. Do it sparingly.

Concentrate on balance.

Thank you, mind. I know you’ve got a point. Let me, the everyday consciousness, put your words into action.


(1) Whenever I’ve asked him for someone whose interviewing process I could study, he’s said: “Walter Cronkite.” Balanced, speaks in Perro (from a neutral place), and shares from his heart on occasion. I think Walter illustrated the way of balance.

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