An Abundance of Love


Credit: Kathleen Mary Willis

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

The penny dropped for me today on something I’ve never been able to get.

I’ve always thought of “abundance” as lying at one end of the spectrum and “love” lying at another. Who knows why I think that way. But the pattern is there.

Tonight I saw that that separation didn’t necessarily have to be. I found myself asking the Divine Mother for “an abundance of love.”

And the penny dropped.

No matter what we own in the external world what we’re after can only be found in the internal world. We can have an abundance of gold and be unhappy. And many, many are, from Midas to Scrooge.

But to have an abundance of love – real love – would make any person alive happy. Beyond their wildest dreams. General knowledge of what this divine elixir is would set the world on fire.

It’s an abundance of love that I want. You can have the gold.

And why would the Divine Mother keep that from me? I’m sure she wouldn’t.

I want to be the wealthiest man on Earth, with the world’s largest holdings of love, flowing through aquaducts in all directions and constantly replenishing themselves from the artesian well at the heart of my estate.

I want to have so much love passing through me that I’m ecstatic, on fire, luminescent, as a friend used to say, “with enough energy to light up Washington State.”

That’s exactly it. And putting it into words brings me great joy.

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