Holding the Vision amid the Storm

justice-and-mercyBy Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

One day we hear of a real nuclear attack on Hawaii. The next hour it’s a false alarm. Then we hear, no, it was real. And then we hear, no, it wasn’t.

Honestly, I don’t know whom to believe any more.

Nevertheless, I remain convinced that the white hats have the matter in hand.

I believe that everyone of any senior authority involved with the Accountability actions underway is following human and universal law, has well documented their cases (and can use the Akashic Records if need be), and is supported by a galaxy of nations, on and off planet.

This is the place I think to make the following comment.

There are some folks at work in the Accountability phase of Ascension that I’d like to acknowledge and have known about since 2007.

The great sacrifice of the men and women of the military and intelligence communities who died in past years for carrying out what’s unfolding before us now is remembered with gratitude.

What’s being ushered in in this Accountability Phase could not have happened without their refusing to serve the deep state and being willing to put their lives on the line to free their country. No one has made a greater sacrifice than they.

As we begin plans for reconstruction, I’m sure we all thank those who made this rebirth of freedom, occurring around us at this moment, possible.

I look around for what’s useful at a time like this. And quite frankly, what I see as useful – that I can provide – is a restatement of the vision and a restatement and a restatement.

What’s missing right now is a vision for Nova Earth.  May I spend the rest of my time offering one?

What do I see our mission as? Building Nova Earth. We are the constructors of a new world.  Not a capitalist world or a communist world. Not a western world or an eastern world or a southern or a northern.

I’ve had tastes of that New World.

To say “give a vision” of it is the same to me as to say “describe the Fifth Dimension.”

The Fifth Dimension is our vision for Nova Earth.  If we knew the Fifth Dimension, what I just said would seem an obvious comment. But when we haven’t yet tasted it, it isn’t obvious.

We’d be getting behind a vision that turns on matters most of us will not have experienced yet.

Let me give only one example. But I could have given several.

I once tried to typify the difference between the energy of everyday love and the energy of the “real” Love of the higher dimensions.

I said picture two people in a parking lot discussing Love. All of a sudden a wall of water came down on them and swept them away.

The two people discussing Love in the parking lot are us in our everyday consciousness. We’re doing our best to express and understand Love, but mostly from an intellectual level.

The wall of water is the inner tsunami of Love – higher-dimensional Love – that sweeps the ego away and drowns the real us in Love. We’re left in no doubt as to what real Love is.

We’re investing in the vision of a world drowned in Love. Because that’s what the Fifth Dimension is – and higher dimensions are.  The deeper and deeper experience of Love, worlds without end.

I assure you: There’s nothing that we’ll miss, nothing that will pull us back, once we’ve allowed ourselves to be drowned in the Ocean of Love.

So let me state and restate the vision: We’re building a New Earth based on our belief that where that work will lead us collectively is into the Ocean of Love that the higher dimensions are.

We know we’re not alone in this. We’re partnered with the galactics and the angelic kingdom. We’re supported by the energies. And we’re serving the Divine Plan.

The vision is not of a time years from now. Not months from now. But now.

All who are willing to abandon force of arms and take up the ways of forgiveness and peace are welcome.

Those who don’t lay down their arms have only a limited amount of time before the train leaves the station and they’re left behind. Recalcitrance is running out of time. Soon it won’t be an option.

Again, all our thanks to those white hats working on Accountability.

Someone said the other day, all those conspiracy theories? They turned out to be true.

And now that they’re becoming seen as true and the white hats are correcting the situation, probably none of us really cares that we may just have been vindicated.

Our sights are set on building what comes after – a new world, a new civilization, a brand new beginning.

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