The Way of the Future

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

When the green flag is waved and our work building Nova Earth begins in earnest, three concepts are going to face us, begging to be understood.

And begging to be shown how they inter-relate.

Let me take  a stab at them now, without claiming to be an academic or legal expert or anything.

I’m a lightworker, financial wayshower, and communicator. And I see, down the road, some needs we may have to fill.

What are those three concepts? They are: (1) Universal Laws, (2) Human Rights, and (3) the Divine Qualities.

What are they and how do they inter-relate?

As always, I begin by returning to first principles and working out from there.

First Principles

The relevant first principle for me here relates to the Soul, Self, Christ, Atman, or Buddha nature.

The Soul’s sole purpose, if you’ll allow me, is to know its true identity. I’ll tell it to you, but intellectual knowledge won’t do either of us very much good.

Its true identity is the One, Mother/Father God, Creator/Source.  God is everything, which must include you and me. So we are – by logic alone – God.

When a Soul wakes up to that knowledge  – that is, deeply realizes it – in an experience of enlightenment, God meets God. For that meeting was everything we see around us created.

Each of us individuated God-sparks is therefore journeying from God to God.

We’re always the “I.” No matter what dimension we’re on or even if we’re beyond the dimensions, us being the “I” of the present moment never changes.

One of us doesn’t walk offstage and another “I” comes on. It’s always “us” … or rather “I.”

The garments that we wear, the density of the medium we’re travelling through, that changes. But not the “I.”

Universal Laws

Now let’s draw in the first of our three concepts.

The universal laws are the mechanisms by which the One “I” constructs and through which the One “I” operates the dream/bubble universe where we find ourselves located.

Whether the One operates the levers or we do, the universe responds.

When we invoke a divine being (who hastens to our assistance, I’m told) and a universal law, we’re operating the levers of the universe, according to the universe’s own handbook or divine principles.

That’s the first matter to be grasped. The universal laws are how to live in accordance with the divine will and operate the mechanisms of the universe to our satisfaction.

Human Rights

Let me introduce the second concept – human rights.

“Human rights” refers to the inalienable entitlements that every human being is deemed to have, simply by reason of being human.

We have the inalienable right to freedom of speech, provided we don’t use our words to seriously harm another, freedom of religion, provided we don’t seriously harm another in the name of religion, freedom of assembly, the same, etc.

Human rights relate to our social interaction as families, communities, nations, a world. They’re embedded in and arise from social interaction. If we didn’t interact with others, we’d have no need for human rights.

We incarnated into this dense world to interact with each other in order to learn about and perfect our divine qualities. Plotinus compared this to polishing the statue. (1)

It’s assumed, I think, that all lightworkers, as a minimum, respect the human rights of others – pre-eminent among which is free will.

A community that respects the human rights of all interacts to help each other enjoy and expand into this wonderful setting in a manner that “grows” the divine qualities.

Now that we’ve mentioned them, let’s look tomorrow in detail at this third concept – the divine qualities.

Read part 2 here:


(1) “Plotinus on ‘Remaining Here, Ascending Aloft,’”

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