Meet You at the Intersection of Balance and Love

Credit: Humble Pie: Digital Buddhism

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

The Company of Heaven repeats certain themes over and over.

Gosh, it seems to take me that long to see some of them – I mean, to get them not just intellectually but experientially?

Two questions the Company of Heaven asks I’m just starting to get. (1) Is it of balance? (2) Is it of love?

The two questions function in different realms.

Balance is an operational criterion. If we remain in balance, all systems are go. If we swing out to the extremes, we wound and destroy. We don’t get a pass.  More lessons to be learned. All the more refined vibrations are closed to us for now.

Only in the quiet, still pond (the balance point) can the reflection of the Moon be seen.

Love is an existential criterion.  If we were experiencing higher-dimensional love at this moment – and I’m not – there wouldn’t be very much else we’d want.

Our striving would come to an end. Our dissatisfaction would disappear. Our issues would dissolve. That form of love is what we’re really all seeking, even if we may not know it at present.

The object of all the Universal Laws is to bring us to this balance point. If we’re heading into a period of financial wayshowing, only in the calm and quiet of the centerpoint, the balance point, the heart, I believe, will wise decisions be able to be made.

But “balance” does not say what steps we’ll take. That’s left up to us by the Law of Free Will.

Why take any steps at all? Because we know at some deep level that who we are is a mystery we need to solve and that wonderful things attend solving that mystery. And so we go forward, everything that happens to us simply contributing to solving that ultimate mystery.

Prior to Ascension, we get it intellectually. If God is everything, then we must be God. Logic requires it.

We may intuit at some level that what awaits us is always better than where we are, that horizons are always expanding going forward. That might raise questions for us about the destination.

If we didn’t know, the Mother/Father One has programmed into us a homing beacon, a longing for liberation, that keeps drawing us ineluctably back to the Source and Destination.

And avatars, world teachers, prophets, saints, and sages remind us constantly: There is only One God.  There is only One without a second; one universal Subject without an object. All of this you see around you is only an illusion.  If there is only One, we must be that One.

But we must realize it and that requires this process that we’re all going through, which sages call “purification.”

We’re forever taking steps whose final outcome is the revealing of our true essence.  And that true essence turns out to be love.

Just as God is everything, so is love. Except of course our human creations … sometimes miscreations.

But, when we’re in danger of mis-creating, if we recalibrate and synchronize using those two questions – Is it of balance? Is it of love? – I think that that would prove to be the best GPS system I could recommend short of picking up the phone and calling our guides.

But I mean actually doing it. (The difference between Kathleen and me is that I write about it; she actually does it.) Actually asking ourselves of every action, “Is it of balance? Is it of love?”

I need a GPS where I’m going. I’ll meet you at the intersection of Balance and Love.

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