Heavenletters: The Song of Us

via Gloria Wendroff, Thanks to Galactic Free Press

God said:

I heard you greet Me this morning. I heard you say:

“Good morning, Gah’-ahd.”

You echoed My Name in two syllables, and so you burst My Name out in song, as you might naturally sing out:

“Good morning, Sunshine…”

And so the Song of Us echoes rhythmically throughout the Universe much the way a remembered song that needs no introduction sings forth itself in daily Life. A song sings itself on time to the beat of the Universe in every language. All languages are equal. Each language is beloved. In every language and, in a myriad of music, the Universe sings out on the Waves of Life.

Hail to the Greetings of Oneness to Oneness. There is nothing but Oneness. There is nothing to greet but Immense Oneness of the One. I am the One, and you also are the One even as you disbelieve, yet, in fact, Oneness has nothing to do with belief.

You tend to live on a Voyage of Fiction embellished, fiction upon fiction something like the surface of the Waves of the Ocean, and so you surf. You may love to surf. You may also love to be a Deep Sea Diver even as you tremble at the idea. You may say to yourself:

“Better a Fate Known than Unknown.”

You may pull a curtain over your eyes and say:

“Better to live on a couch, watch others’ lives and sit out my own. Asked to dance, I say, ‘No thank you, I will sit this dance out.’”

How great is your fear to hear the Call of Life and volunteer yourself! You may prefer to hide under a mushroom.

Of course, Dear Ones, meeting Life and hiding from Life both take courage. Whether you are a social butterfly or a recluse, in one fell swoop, you play at Life in the World and beyond, and in another fell swoop, you sit hoping to be unnoticed and not have to go on stage. Either way, Beloveds, you move across the stage with or without your volition. No one escapes Life, and why should you?

Get up on the dance floor. Either way, by refusing or embracing Life, you dance. You don’t have to be a professional performer. You don’t have to be a performer at all. Actually, all you can do is participate. Meet Life. Let Life be your Clarion Call. Let Life be your Song and your Dance.

Sing out! Dance! There is nothing to lose but vanity. To lose vanity is no loss but a gain. There is no losing. There is only winning. Give your heart its chance, and you have won.

Ah, the play is the thing! The outcome is not the whole story. You are victorious in Life when you enter into it and give it what you’ve got. You don’t have to be a Headline Act. It’s perfectly okay to be a low-key performer. No one said you had to star, for the Truth is that you do star in your own movie. You don’t escape Life. You can’t hide. From the first row or from the last row, you will jump on stage.

Life is not really a stage. Life is more like a skating rink. Who cares if you slip and fall — the test of your Life is not if you go boom or stay standing. Whether you are a social butterfly or a recluse, if there be a test in your Life, all you have to do is to dance your dance, and so you win. It is not for you to put yourself on hold and wait.

And now, after I encourage you to get up and reveal yourself, everyone does witness his or her Life, yet in witnessing your Life, you also participate. Witnessing isn’t the same as hiding. Regardless, there is more to Life and your Life than you have any idea of.

Greet Me. Greet Life. Greet your Beautiful Self.

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