8 “Zen Tricks” to Help Melt Stress Away and Improve Every Day

By Sarah Landrum, Wisdom Pills

All humans experience stress, no matter who they are. There are a million and one things that can set you off every single day. And eventually, it could really affect your outlook on life. The best way to combat seriously losing your mind is to take a more Zen approach to life, and change your outlook.

There are a bunch of really simple things you can do to greatly impact how you view the world. Doing a few of these things will help you start to feel a whole lot better.

1) Take Time for Yourself

Other people probably contribute to the stress and chaos in your life. Constantly exposing yourself to those people, or anyone really, can be pretty detrimental. Schedule a moment every single day to be by yourself and take a few deep, calming breaths that will bring you back to center. You will find the importance of being alone.

2) Plan and Prepare

Don’t allow yourself to feel rushed or overwhelmed. There is always an opportunity to plan ahead, even if it’s something as simple as packing your lunch or picking out your outfit the night before. These tiny things can make the most difference. They’ll allow you to wake up with a fresh mind and a fresh start.

3) Exercise Regularly

Everyone knows that exercise is good for your body, but did you know that it’s actually amazingly good for your soul, as well? It soothes, relaxes and exhilarates your mind. The next time you feel stressed or anxious, go for a quick jog around the neighborhood and appreciate all the wonders around you. You’ll feel rejuvenated before you’re finished running.

4) Stay Positive

Having a positive outlook is as easy as deciding that you want to. It’s easy to get angry at the waiter when the food takes too long, or lay on the horn in stand-still traffic. But really, who is that helping? No one. Not even yourself. Figuring out ways to stay positive is a huge part of staying Zen. Choosing to take the high road in any situation of life will only benefit you. If you hold grudges or bitterness, you’ll be the one carrying it with you.

5) Indulge Every Now and Then

Being too hard on yourself is a great way to lead a pressure-filled life. If you never let yourself take a break from work to watch Housewives, or if you never take a spoonful of that chocolate ice cream that’s calling your name, you’ll be on edge all the time. Learn to let yourself relax. Give yourself permission to occasionally indulge, and it’ll pay off.

6) Be Aware of your Emotions

Recognizing what it is that you’re feeling is a great way to learn how to deal with it. If something is making you really angry or upset, admit it to yourself. Allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling. And then begin to dissect where those emotions are coming from. Taking them out on others or holding them inside is an unhealthy method for getting to a better place. Taking time daily to be aware of your emotions will help you avoid some of the negative effects of stress.

7) Stay Flexible

As much as you try to plan for the future, it’s never going to work out exactly the way you want it to. Stay flexible, especially when it comes to the little things. If plans fall through or change, accept it and try not to let it affect your mood too much. Always search for other alternatives or options. Don’t be so set in your ways that you cannot see beyond them.

8) Be Thankful

Part of leading a happy and Zen life is being thankful for all of the things that you already have. When you count your blessings every single day, maybe before going to sleep, it will make it much easier to become appreciative of your life as a whole. In turn, it will make you less greedy and resentful.

Say yes to Zen, and your life will positively transform.

Sarah is a marketing professional and freelance writer who shares advice primarily on leading a happy and healthy life. She is the founder of Punched Clocks, a career development site that helps professionals find happiness and success in their careers.

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