Nelson Mandela Quote: Let Your Light Shine

via A Nice Time

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” – Nelson Mandela



  1. “Duovigintillion” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Sunday – July 2, 2017


    A 1 + 68 zeros is called a Duovigintillion, which under normal circumstances means nothing except to mathematical geniuses who train in such large numbers.

    But on this day, it applies to the whole wide world and all of humanity.

    As on this day, when the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, such astronomical concepts incorporate into the daily lives of every eternal soul with physical breath.

    This infused spiritual oxygen might look like tangible money, but it’s anything but.

    Invisible yet suddenly here to instantly awaken mass consciousness and permanently fracture whatever temporary energetic enslavement hold the cabal once had over the species and planet.

    This is why the OPTB fought so hard.

    This why the NPTB did so many pump fakes and gave hundreds of warnings.

    For just as humanity is being liberated, the cabal was uncompromisingly being eliminated.

    And they had to be given every opportunity to chose the Will of God by a strict mandate of Heaven.

    Humans didn’t like that fact so much given the unthinkable horrors they mercilessly perpetrated as our captors for a dozen plus millennia.

    Very understandable on our part, but the higher minds running the transition knew that all suffering would be forgotten shortly after the event, so they pushed the limits of earthly tolerance in order to benevolently offer multiple final opportunities for surrender.

    See, we were made to wait out of love not fear. And they were given an elongated period of grace.

    How beautiful.

    Most took the amnesty package. A few refused until the very last second. And a handful decided to be exterminated in their own shoes–unable to co-exist in a world where the meek had equal or better standing as the once strong.

    They just couldn’t swallow not controlling all of humanity/planet earth as that was all they knew, and thus had to be released from their earthly contracts.

    So while you waited in silence–and some in study–over these past several months, know that ghost operatives from multiple military and intelligence forces were thinning the malevolent herd without prejudice.

    In or out. Up or down. God or not God.

    Thankfully, that harsh cleansing period has ended for the most part. And while there a couple names remaining on the naughty list, they will son be found in hiding and introduced to another form existence not of his earth.

    Negotiations have officially ended for the cabal. It is no more. Literally and figuratively. Gone.

    And today, even the possibility of amnesty and surrender are no longer options for remaining minions. They chose to die. just as we all chose to live. Sobeit.

    God is with us.



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